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What are synthetic diamonds?

Asked by alexsingerus (13points) April 15th, 2008
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Diamonds created in a lab made from cubic zirconia or silicon carbide.

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A good example of them is Secrets
They’re affordable and there’s no risk of so-called blood-diamonds. If you ask me, it’s a preferable alternative to the real things…

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Are the genuine diamonds that are lab created also called synthetic diamonds? or do those have a different name? My understanding is that they are 100% real diamonds and can only be told apart from the ones in the earth because they are too flawless to be natural.

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Still not cheap.

They are often used in sandpaper.

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There’s also a stone called ‘moissanite’ which is made of silicon carbide. They’re quite similar in appearance to diamonds – even sparklier, I’ve heard – and pretty cheap, comparatively. You can find a lot of examples online.

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@gorillapaws: The real diamonds that are created in the lab still cost about the same because they’re very expensive to make. It requires uber high pressure and whatnot. A chemistry teacher I had, who used to make them, said the only problem was they came out with a yellow tint, which, if I remember correctly, she was due to impurities that couldn’t be removed. Therefore, they used them in tools and such.

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As opposed to “fake diamonds” like zirconia, lab-created diamonds are just carbon subjected to great pressure under artificial conditions. The way to tell usually, as with lab created rubies, is that they are “too perfect”.

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