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What color is a peridot?

Asked by alexsingerus (13points) April 15th, 2008
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Green and beautiful…...this is a good page for more info:

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and its the august birthstone, its a very hard to find gem in stores, light green stone. I wear my class ring everday and I get compliments and questions on it all the time.

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It’s not always light green, it can be fairly dark as well. Like the color of a green olive (but transparent), hence the term olivine. The green in the sand in Hawaii is olivine, volcanic peridot, also known as Pele’s tears.

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It is green in color. It is the birthstone for the month of august. Because of its color, in the olden days, it was thought of as emerald. But it does have variations in color and is different from emerald as they are deep green in color.

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thanks a lot people!

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these are very unique stones mostly green in color , what kind of information are you looking for.

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