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Are you going to go see Atlas Shrugged?

Asked by josie (30931points) February 16th, 2011
It probably won’t be as good as the book. The movie never is.
But so what.
Will you participate in the irony and go on April 15?
Maybe I’ll see you there?

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Yes. But maybe not April 1st. It looks as though there has been some updating to the story line to make it current….that is a bit of a disappointment but we will see and it could be interesting.

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I abhor Ayn Rand and will not be attending. Not even ironically.

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The book spent so much time hammering its point home that (to me anyway) most of the excitement in the plot was lost. I mean, the world is ending and Ayn Rand has Galt make this speech that goes on for pages and pages. Anyone who would make this into a movie is probably a pretty dedicated objectivist, so I’m sure the message will come before the art. I doubt it will be entertaining.

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@ladymia69 What do you abhor about Ayn Rand?

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I usually don’t like to go to the show but will definitely see that movie.

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I’m with ladymia; she is a terrible writer. I can only assume I disagree with her philosophy as i have never been able to endure the pain of her dreadful writing style long enough to finish a book. Her tendency to over elaborate thought processes makes me cringe.

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I will watch it only because it was on South Park and I wanted to understand why the police officer Barbrady didn’t like it

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@crazykookycat Well, when people say they hate Ayn Rand they’re usually not talking about her writing style, but the Objectivist philosophy. I agree that Rand was a clod as a writer.

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@Rarebear Everything about her, her writing, and her life.

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@ladymia69 Well, that’s not very specific. What about her writing and her life do you abhor? Besides the fact that she needed a good editor.

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For one thing, she was hooked on benzedrine and wrote under the influence of it for most of her life, even to the point of becoming a mood-swinging loon that no one wanted to be around.She put men on pedestals instead of praising the woman as a being unto herself, which I find appaling. Her whole philosophy was one of self-interest and self-perpetuity as a way of life…more or less, an “I-don’t-care-about-anyone-else” philosophy that demeans us as humans. She was cold, calculating, and critical, even by her own students’ accounts (a lot of that being the effects of 24-hour selfishness compounded by the effects of benzedrine). She called homosexuality disgusting, and said that Europeans had the right to take land from the American Indians. Do you want me to tell you more reasons? Really?

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@Rarebear I apologize if I suck at replies. I’m new to the site. Yes, I ultimately mean her writing because I am not into judging something I haven’t read, dig?

However, from reviews and whatnot there was something that puzzled me…

I assume you read the book in it’s entirety (bravo you brave soul). However, if I understand the synopsis correctly those that were exceptional and had resources as well as talent seceded from what they viewed as an oppressive society and lived amongst themselves in a sort of community of the elite in an act of defiance and to show that the government wasn’t what made the world turn, but these gifted individuals (for lack of a better term). is this correct? I mean, did they make their own country/territory/ or whatever?

I ask because as I said before her writing style prevented me from moving anywhere beyond 3 chapters of any book of hers I tried to read.

And, for the record I would never hold it against any writer for being strung out (I love Hunter Thompson, Kerouac, and many others) . On that ladymia and I seem to disagree, however that may be the only thing.

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@crazykookycat I looooove writers who are strung out. Really gifted ones never seem to let it affect their genius. But with Rand, I see it as a flaw.

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@ladymia69 well then. we agree on lots.

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This movie = fail.

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@ladymia69 No, that’s good, thanks. I was just wondering.

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