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Why are voicemail requests calling me?

Asked by ETpro (34594points) February 18th, 2011

Are voicemail machines just getting lonely? I have recently started getting messages on my voicemail that run something like this:

    We’re sorry but we are either away from the office or
    on the other line. After the beep, please leave us your
    name and phone number, and a brief message. We’ll
    get back to you as soon as we can.     Beep…

Are the machines getting lonely and reaching out to one another? Why would someone deliberately program robocalls to do this? Are they just trying to mess with my head?

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Didn’t something like that happen in Invasion of the Body Snatchers? Look for a garbage truck in the alley…

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That is strange , try un-pluging the machine and see if that will help . + up

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Is it your answering machine message being played? or another?

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Are you sure your phone isn’t dialing the machines?? ? My mobile will dial if I forget to put it to sleep before I put it in my pocket. LOL

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@josie Ha! That should sure help me sleep soundly tonight.

@Pattijo It pretty much doean’t get messages of any kind when it isn’t plugged in. :-)

@coffeenut Nope, definitely someone else, and a different one each time.

@Tropical_Willie I have no automated outgoing greeting, and if I did, it wouldn’t be one that sounded like n inbound greeting.

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I think it’s because outbound callcentres use automatic diallers and they call more numbers than they have staff available for, because they anticipate only around 25% of those calls to be picked up. Now if they suddenly have 35% of those calls picked up, they don’t have enough staff to deal with them and you were one of the unlucky ones who didn’t get a human, so they pipe you a recorded message instead (or more commonly, just a period of silence before hanging up).

On the other hand that recorded message is kind of odd for a callcentre. That particular message sounds like you’ve accidentally dialled someone. Or maybe it’s an offshore callcentre where they don’t do English so well and they borrowed a recording that’s not quite appropriate.

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@downtide Aha! That makes some sense. But the actual product of it sure doesn’t

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