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What percentage of those who do those 60 mile three day walks actually go the distance in the time allotted?

Asked by 12Oaks (4051points) February 21st, 2011

They have two annual walks here like that. One is 60 miles, the other is 59 (I wonder if anyone ever chooses the 59 because 60 is just way too far) for cancer research. I tried to look online, but nowhere does it say how many who start actually complete. I’d be sure it’s not 100% (I do an annual 4 miler where only about 95% complete). The over/under on this may even be as low as 50%, and since this is simply a fund raiser for participating, and not miles actual logged ($5.00 per mile walked pledged or whatever), I would bet that the motivation level to fully complete is lowered just a touch and I’d be flirting with taking the under on this. And for the record, this question is NOT about money, it’s about those charity walks.

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Over here in the UK we have the annual 5k and 10k walks for cancer research that just women do not sure what these are in miles. we pay 12 pounds to enter and try to raise sponsorship too. We have numbers and blank squares that we write messages on about people we may have lost or those who.habe survived its a fab family day out and all for a good cause. I tend to just ask for all in sponsers ie just pay a set amount. I challenge myself personally to get faster each year but its more about raising as much money as possible a very worth while cause xx

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Everyone that I have known to do a walk or run for cancer research finished the walk/run. They are either survivors, lost a loved one to cancer, or know someone that has cancer or are dealing with it themselves. It’s important to them, so they finish.

I’m sure there are some that don’t finish, but I doubt they are the majority.

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In the races I took part in we stayed until the last person crossed the line we saw 2 year olds walking through we saw someone with obvious tubes for treatment old people young people t really was a celebration I am looking forward to this years race for life :)

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@sakura 5k is like 3 miles.

The way it looks, at least what the website looks like, their is a participation pledge, not a pledge for miles completed. It would just seem that that is something that may hamper someone’s motivation to finish—if they collect the same amount in pledges regardless whether they finish or now. That four miler I do every year is for hunger, and I don’t collect pledges (am way to ouncomfortable to do that) and just self-pledge. Again, this is a participation thing, not per mile, so I pledge $100.00, and will double that if I finish in under 45 minutes. Unfortunately, my official time last year was 45:47.11, just a touch over 45 minutes. Was disappointed, but am more motivated than ever for next year to finish in under 45 minutes. And, honestly, I don’t really believe we do a thing to really see that the hungry around the word are fed. Still, we’ll do it year after year and 100% we raise goes to that fund.

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