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I'm planning to walk from Portland OR to Seattle WA. Advice?

Asked by St.George (5865points) June 20th, 2010

Suggested route, things I should see along the way?
What is the average number of miles one could be expected to walk? (I’m in decent shape.)
How long do you think this will take?
Am I being ridiculous?
Have you or anyone you know personally, done this before?

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Bring a raincoat and wear comfortable, waterproof footwear.
Bring foot powder and many changes of socks.
Travel as light as you can, but carry a lightweight tent and a warm sleeping bag. It gets chilly near the coast even in the middle of summer.

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If I was you I would take the 26 from Portland and take the 101 once you hit it.

This is going to take a while.

I have looked into riding my bike across the country for charity. I found sponsors. Tons of hotels offered a few nights to rest if I wore their t-shirt.

This is a bit nutty but it is doable. I rode my bike from Eugene to Corvallis in a day. I live in Portland and have a spare bike if you want it. It is shitty but it is easier than walking.

Send me a PM and you can get it. I don’t use it.

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The average person can walk a mile every half hour or so at a moderate pace, i.e. 2–3 mile per hours. It’s around 144 miles. Maybe 72 hours total. Providing that you sleep for 8 hours and take a 30 minute break every 3 hours, bump up the 72 to 108 or so. You’re looking at at least a 5 day walk.

Pack light, extra clothes, go to Winco or the dollar store and get sample size toiletries, sleeping bag, pillow, plastic bag for dirty clothes, a map, something to listen to/read. Good luck with it. Sounds like a fun experience. :)

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Can you cross the Columbia on foot via highway 5 or 405?

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Don’t walk on the train tracks.
Don’t wear a walkman.
Don’t litter.
Don’t ignore people’s no trespassing signs.

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Take something to protect yourself from people and/or animals. Never know who or what you’ll run into.

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Dr. Scholls gelatin shoe inserts will help to “spring you” on your way.

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I would buy some higher-quality shoes then make sure to break them in. Keep hydrated. Need to keep a charged cellphone in case of emergency. Let others know when you’ll be leaving and should arrive.

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Yes I think you’re ridiculous, that’s a 4 hour drive.

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Walk along and parallel to the Union Pacific railway from Portland to Seattle. I think it be more of a scenic hike and challenging having to go around tunnels and crossing trestles or ravines and streams other ways.

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Be sure to plan your route carefully. It’s against the law to walk on most Interstate Highways, so you will have to stick to roads that allow pedestrians. You can probably find the information you need on

If not, then contact the Sierra Club chapter in your area and ask them.

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I would suggest a good pair of shoes, maybe a couple. Rations, maybe some good moister wicking clothes. Plenty of carbs, because you’ll need the energy!

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Thanks for all the excellent suggestions! I won’t be walking alone; I don’t want to become a news item. I’ll let you know if/when this happens.

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Hello all. I didn’t walk this year, but my sister and have planned to go next year. A nice challenge, which should be fun since we like to hang out together.

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Did you do this walk? What was your experience like? What recommendations do you have for someone else who would like to walk this route? Thanks!

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Bring lots of money to buy food, water, and night stays at hotels.

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