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What should I purchase on for a max of $100?

Asked by MetroGnome217 (311points) February 21st, 2011

I just won $100 for I am so overwhelmed that I cant decide what it is that I want! What are some cool things you have seen/ purchased off the website?

Also about me: Guitarist, Computer enthusiast, runner

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Computer enthusiast? For a hundred bucks, you could expand your computer’s storage capacity considerably.

You can get a TB external for that price. . . and I was actually looking to upgrade my internal storage and found a 1TB 2.5” believe it or not. . .

Awesome bro!

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If you read, you could get 100 used books at a cent a piece.

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Great answers so far!
@12Oaks and @mrrich724 Could I have some links? sorry, but these sound too good to be true!

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Well, for me it would be $100 worth of books.

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I love gadgets, so if I had a $100 from Amazon a cool gadget would be in my shopping cart.

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One cent plus $3.99 for shipping . . .

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Shipping is free when you buy that much.

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From Amazon purchases, @12Oaks, sure. But not the one-cent purchases, which are books placed by individual Amazon Marketplace vendors. Each of them will charge for shipping, which does not come under Amazon’s policy of free shipping for purchases over $25.

As an occasional vendor myself, I know that Amazon is going to take a big cut of the private vendors’ sales, sometimes equal to the whole postage allowance they give. If you pay 10 cents for the envelope you put it in, you lose money. Large envelopes cost me 33 cents each.

I asked another flutherite once how people can afford to make those one-cent sales, and she surmised (from her own experience as a vendor) that they are finagling free shipping in their workplaces: basically stealing shipping services from their employers. Their whole profit is in the difference between the shipping allowance they get from Amazon and what Amazon takes back as its cut.

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@AmWiser I am a fan of gadgets as well. any recommendations?

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@Jeruba I could have sworn I got one cent books at the free shipping price. I do have them shipped to my work, using their account, so that may be why. I usually save the penny and get my books from the library for free, and any cent ones I buy I then donate to the library, where I’m a “Friend of the Library,” and we sell them then for a buck (half price at the end of the month) to help fund “Little Listeners” and other reading/craft times for the kiddos, free of charge to them. So it’s win/win/win for all involved.
And, yeah, my math was a touch off, as you could get 1,000 at one cent a piece. Still, at 4 smacks a book, you could still get 25 books, which should keep you through the summer.

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@MetroGnome217, I’m not sure what your gadget taste are geared toward, but here are a few of my choices… This or this; and especially this. Whatever you buy, have fun and enjoy;-)

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Songs to download.
Magazine subscriptions
Sport equipment
Workout clothes
Camping gear

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Isn’t it funny how it’s harder to spend “free” money than your own?

I would spend a few hours browsing through authors and music etc. that you like and going to the lists and recommendations that come up from other people who like the same things. Add everything that interests you to your cart, then go back and make eliminations before checking out.

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A garmin portable GPS navigation system.

Music downloads

There’s a bunch of books about running on trails in various areas of the U.S. like these that look interesting.

Here’s a new DVD about guitar legends

A subscription to this magazine called T3, which is supposed to be the world’s best gadget mag.

Or a subscription to Guitar Player magazine.

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@12Oaks, $100 is 10,000 pennies.

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I have just finished reading a book called “In The Sea There Are Crocodiles” which they have on Amazon. A true story about a ten year old boy who was left in Pakistan by his mother, for his own safety, and managed to make it all the way to Italy. An amazing book. Obviously will leave you with a little change but really should be on your list. What a wonderful problem you have! Congratulations

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@Jeruba 10,000 is even better. Coud start your own private library where you could have the choice of which boks to shelve and which don’t match you criteria. More winning for all!

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10000 does sound nice, but dont forget shipping is usually 3.99 per item (unless you buy from the same seller.) Anyways i believe books are the way to go!! I actually just got an oil painting set its called “oil painting for dummies” my plan is to learn how to paint and then sell the paintings for extra income!
wheres the link:

Good luck :)

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Amazon has a great Wishlist feature you can use. Over the next month or so, any time you see something you want outside of Amazon, write it down, then go to Amazon to see if they have it. They pretty much have every product under the sun, including food. If they do have it, add it to your wishlist. After a few months, go through everything you’ve added to your wishlist, prioritize it, and then buy your top favorites. I always keep a running track of what I want on that wishlist…plus, if anyone in my family wants to get me a gift and isn’t sure of what I want/need, they can take a look at what I’ve added.

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