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What do you think of the looks this guitar?

Asked by iwamoto (5277points) April 15th, 2008

im getting one soon, i think it looks good, nice and sleek, what do you think?

i’ll go for the blonde finish, natural is a bit too “woody” for my taste…

for the insiders, it’s a parker-p36, fishman piezo bridge, bolt on

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I don’t like it at all but I will however take that Mesa in the background. To me that guitar screams 1980’s.

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I like parker’s.

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It looks like it has a broken nose.

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cheeeese. you should get a clear one. My friend has one and it looks really hot on stage….like really really hot.

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It looks like they are ripping off the MusicMan body style. I know it is different but to me it just looks like a cheaper version of the MusicMan. How does it sound? Is it on point with the sound you are after? What do you play now and what do you play through?

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I think it’s pretty cool.

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Have you considered something like this?

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It’s pretty!

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Far from Parker’s best work.

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@peedub, rhoads polka V ? no thanks, although the harpoon headstock is pretty cool

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quirky, yet conservative

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