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What does your walk look like?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) February 23rd, 2011

Try to describe your walk: how long is your stride? How long are your legs? Do you step quickly, or take slower steps? How do your hips move? How do your arms move? Vigorously? Not at all?

Do you look outwards in a focused way? More absent-minded? Do you tend to look down, perhaps checking for uneven footing? Can people hear you coming or are you quiet? Do your steps sound confident and strong, or something else?

When you are with other people, do you tend to walk faster or slower than them? Is it different at different times? Going down stairs or upstairs? Hiking? Walking on pavement? How is it different and why?

How does it feel to be in your body when you walk?

That should be more than enough to think about. If you were an author, how would you describe your walk?

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I have a long stride.It helps to have long legs.;)
I walk fast and used to get complaints about that.My hips of course move but I am not wiggling on purpose.—Really—XD
I look straight ahead,with confidence because I usually know where I am going.;)I would take steps two at a time.If you were in my body while I was walking you would be getting to where you need to be quickly and efficiently.Even in heels,I could run.I was told I was graceful.Blushes
When I was diagnosed with MS two years ago,it got to the point where I could barely walk.I still did a few miles daily anyway,once I got some ability back.When I would wear heels,(I wasn’t about to let MS stop me)I would use a cane and the reactions I got to that were interesting to say the least.
Now,after a procedure to help with MS,I am walking better than ever and almost have my old gait back.I will be running again by summer.
The way it feels to be in my body while I am walking is pure joy.No other way to describe it! :))))

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There’s no frigging way I could top that, so I’m just going to sit back and imagine watching lucille walk, from the back of course. XD

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I have very short legs (as well as everything else), but I apparently walk like I know where I’m going, because people are always asking me for directions or where things are located in stores(!). I also tend to not get bothered by solicitors and panhandlers and such – head up, looking ahead.

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Fast and, according to my boyfriend, I “strut”! I look ahead but I don’t really acknowledge what is going on, I tend to walk in a world of my own so I am absent minded even though I appear not to be. I don’t think I use my arms too much when I walk.

When I am walking with other people I always have to slow my pace right down. It often irritates me.

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My husband (then boyfriend) once likened it to a penguin’s. Reader, I married him.

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I am 5 ‘4 and my legs are proportionate to my body, infact, I have great legs! ;-)

I tend to walk at a fairly brisk pace, and keep my head up in tune with my surroundings.
I was an avid walker/jogger for years and people used to tell me to slow down when we walked together as @Leanne 1986 mentioned.

Especially my daughter when she was a teen…gah…she was deliberately S-L-O-W in a passive aggressive way, drove me crazy! haha

If I was a horse I would be a Tennesee walking horse, I could go for miles at a nice walk/trot. lol

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My legs are short (29½ inch inseam), so my stride is about 2 feet 8 inches. I walk straightforwardly, very light movement of my arms, at a steady 3 mph pace.

My most annoying walking trait is that I walk at a constant pace no matter what the terrain or circumstance. I was on a long backpacking trip and my friend exploded on one arduous day that I was relentless – “uphill, downhill, flat , you walk at the same g-ddamned pace!”

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Haha, same here, a steady 3mph no matter what the terrain, sidewalks to mountains.
In my prime, nobody could scamper across a boulder studded river trail like the mountain goat herself.

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Wow, tough question.

It really depends on where I’m going and/or what I’m doing at the time.

Just out for a pleasant stroll, I tend to saunter while appreciating the scenery.

On a “mission”, I tend to have a shorter stride, my arms swing a bit more, and I keep eyes on the target.

Out in the woods hunting/stalking, lower center of gravity, more carefully placed steps, generally leading with the toe rather than the heel.

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I get compliments on my walk, especially when I was younger, not as much now, from both men and women. I had great posture then, wore heels often, but not those crazy 4 inch stilts you see now. I look straight ahead average pace I think, and most importantly I place my feet in front of me, meaning towards the center of me when I step forward, especially when I am at a place, meaning not just walking down the street, but at a party or inside of a room, where I am not so much walking but moving or socializing.

Walking with confidence at a reasonable pace is a security measure taught to us to keep away the bad guys aside from look better.

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Now, my husband kind of walks on his toes, doesn’t bend his knees enough in my opinion, and I compare him to a toddler who moves quickly, but might fall forward. LOL.

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I tend to walk ball/middle of foot—heel, unless I’m wearing really bulky shoes then it’s “normal”. It’s mostly because I like to wear thin shoes to feel the ground, and the gait of an unprotected foot doesn’t strike the heel first.

When I’m using good posture I feel strong, light, and quick. If I’m walking heavier I feel slow and tired.

I’m generally a fast walker, unless I’m stalling, or walking with someone else.
If given the choice, and carrying nothing, I’ll generally just run, because walking is too slow. Running I feel fast and free and like I’m flying.

I have longish legs, so my stride is longish. I’m about 5’6” and more leg than torso My steps are generally quick. Hips barely move, arms barely move.

I’ll vary where I’m looking depending. Sometimes I feel comfortable enough to look ahead, or I need to in order to know what’s coming. Often I’ll watch the ground farther out in front of me, so I don’t meet eyes but I can still see everything.

I think my steps are quiet.

I like to run up and down stairs, but usually do just walk.

I get told I don’t walk straight, because when I walk with someone else I’ll tend to drift away, or bump into them. I think it’s them not walking straight, personally…

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Since middle school I have made a conscious effort not to allow my feet to point outward or inward when I walk. It’s actually natural now and I don’t have to think about it, but for a long time I think my walk was awkward because I concentrated so hard on making it a certain way, and I would experiment with different methods and copy other people who seemed to me to have nice walks.

The benefit is that today my feet are pretty much perfectly straight when I walk. Not sure why I cared about this at a young age.

Otherwise I walk kind of quickly these days because I am usually a bit late for class.

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If I am out shopping I walk quite quickly, with a purposeful stride, looking ahead of me. Don’t take particularly long strides, but because I am tall I move quickly.
If I am out on the moors with my dogs I tend to stroll. I am not in a hurry so I have more time to look around me to observe the wildlife.

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I have a relatively long stride and my hips move, but very subtly. I don’t necessarily take quick steps, but I take long steps and if I’m feeling lazy, I’ll drag my feet a bit.

I rarely look down when I walk. I focus on what’s ahead and with other people I used to always walk faster than everyone else, but I’ve slowed down over the past few years.

When I’m feeling ambitious I’ll trigger my runway walk and pull the spatula out of my purse and model it. Only on special occasions.

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I happen to walk like an egyptian….oh hey ho! Actually that’s not altogether true. I’ve been told it’s rather like a jaunty sailor type walk, fresh from shore leave. Apparently I shake my arse more than is necessary. Worse things happen at sea.

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I picture you looking like Steve Martin. haha

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@Coloma His walk you mean? Nah, more like Tony Curtis in Some Like it Hot…..sassy!

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I have my father’s walk. I don’t much resemble him in other ways—he was short, I’m tall; he was stocky, I’m thin—but I occasionally catch my reflection in a store window as I walk by and there he is in that motion.

It isn’t a particularly attractive gate. There’s no elegance to it, no vivacity. I notice that its peculiarities go away if I make an effort to carry my center of gravity high. So to picture my gate, imagine walking with long, steady strides but letting your center sink down a little toward the floor. The knees never completely straighten. It’s as if I’m walking with a heavy backpack.

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(Until I read your explanation, I was going to say, “Cement,” thinking of walk as the path to my door. ) I have tried, all my life, to keep my back straight, so I walk with my body in alignment. My stride is not specially long or short. When I walk outside, I use a cane because I seldom watch where I’m going. There’s always something to look at: people; clouds; flowers, trees; birds; cars; buildings; etc. I’m easily distracted. The cane is a third leg in case I stumble.
On the other hand, when I need to hurry, walking in our apartment, I walk like Groucho Marx, with my knees bent and a long stride. (no cigar)

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I have short legs and I drag my feet. Very appealing. Have tried to not drag my feet, never lasted more than 5 steps though.

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@deni Do you wear slip on shoes with no backs? No strap or back around the ankle?

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@JLeslie actually I don’t think I even own a pair of shoes like that. Although often I do wear moccasins and sometimes when they aren’t tight enough they kind of just fall off the back of my foot..

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@deni How about do you never wear heels? Always flat shoes and sneakers? Its hard to drag your feet when you are basically walking on your toes.

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@Vunessuh You are,without a doubt,the best spatuler model I have ever seen. ;)

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@JLeslie Don’t own a single pair of heels! Always moccasins and sandals, lol. So that makes sense.

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I walk purposefully and fast as though I was in a hurry to get somewhere even if I have all day.

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When in town I walk quite fast, in a hurry with a “sense of purpose” almost marching to get things done, straight back, chest out arms throwing me forward, I’m the same at work, I hate standing still I have to be on the move all the time…. When I’m walking the fells or on holiday I still walk with a “sense of purpose” but not as hurried just like @partyparty I like to take in the views of nature, in all her glory….. :-/

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I’m 5’2” but I’m a fast walker/strider. I’m usually in heeled shoes or boots, walk heel to toe and manage to get by without much clonking, clacking or dragging. I’ve been told I have a very sexy walk.

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I have a long stride (short legs) and I tend to walk fast. Whenever I’m in a group I tend to walk faster than everyone. That is not me trying to out-walk people it is simply how fast I walk all the time.

The only thing that has slowed me down is an old broken big toe that sometimes doesn’t like my pace.

I look around me constantly unless it’s icy out then I’m only looking at the sidewalk. I landed on my ass one winter and I never want to that again.

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I’m short in stature but I have fairly long legs for my height, and I tend to walk faster than other people. At least when I’m out with my family they keep nagging me to slow down. I usually walk with my hands in my pockets, or if I’ve got a backpack on, one hand holding a shoulder-strap. I usually watch the ground when walking in the town; it’s a tactic for avoiding the piles of dog-poop that inconsiderate dog owners don’t pick up. But if I’m hiking or walking in the countryside I’m looking all around.

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My gait varies with my mood. Actually, that’s a tiny white lie. Imagine a mildly retarded duck with very fat legs toddling about.

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@deni My husband accuses me of draging my feet when I am in flat shoes that are extremely casual. Totally odd to me since most of my life my walk and posture were always complimented. It seems whn I am in sloppy shoes all my poise goes out the window. Now that I am older, don’t work in a profession that would get me dressed up every day, and have muscle trouble that keeps me in flat shoes more often than not, it seems I am shlubby on a regular basis.

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@JLeslie hahhahaha me too! I guess I don’t give much thought to my posture and such, or else I wouldn’t drag my feet and slouch. But alas, I do slouch and drag my feet. I’ve tried to avoid it! IT’s hard!

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No one clicked on @ratboy‘s link?

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