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Cant install google chrome? It was installed but disappeared suddenly.

Asked by robdamel (791points) February 23rd, 2011

I had google chrome for a long time, then a few days ago i turn on my computer and it was completely gone. No trace of it. So I try to install it, and at the very last moment of a completed installation, it states there is a problem and must close. This has happened repeatedly. Any ideas?

Im using firefox now, which is pretty cool. The only thing I hate is that when i click the firefox icon to open the browser, it literally opens 20 seconds later. Is there some way to fix that? I like speed, and when i clicked Chrome and that thing just busted open, that was nice. If firefox can do the same, I`d be happy.

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Are you running Windows? Have you checked in My Computer to see if Chrome is still installed? It might not reinstall if the program is already there but not linking properly.

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Yeah it absolutely disappeared. I have no idea how thats possible.

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Take it as a blessing, chrome sucks ass. It may start up fine but the rest is garbage.

Try the add/remove programs.

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Do you have a second hard drive? How about installing on that hard drive and see what happens? Note : I’m not an expert in computer what so ever and i may be an idiot for making this assumption . I’m thinking that if google chrome disappeared without a trace, it sounds like something happened to the hard drive.

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@cynicaldeath If a computer has more than one hard drive the first has the os and the second is just storage.

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