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I'm fat and I'm going to be doing a lot of walking, what shoes would you recommend?

Asked by dalepetrie (18007points) May 16th, 2011

Pretty much explains itself, but I’ll be spending the better part of 6 days walking, and my feet hurt as it is, probably because I weigh about twice as much as I should. I also have no arch whatsoever, the flattest feet you’ve ever seen. Right now none of my shoes are all that comfortable to wear for long periods, so I’m thinking if there really are shoes out there designed just for the fat, flat footed person, maybe I should get a pair, damn the cost. Any suggestions?

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Do you have a local running store? My local store made me custom insoles molded to my high arches. If these guys can’t help you, no one can.

Failing that, get what feels right and pick up some Dr. Scholls from the drug store.

What are you doing walking for 6 days? Whatever it is sounds pretty awesome!

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If you’re walking in the summertime, I would suggest getting some ecco or Merrill walking sandals. They have plenty of support but also allow your feet to breathe and if they swell you are not all bound up.

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You will want two pairs of shoes with good supports. Having shoes that provide different types of support will help your feet feel more rested when you change out. Because of your weight you might feel the strain in your ankles the most. A pair of Keen or Merrill clogs that you slip on have an amazing amount of arch support; many chefs tend to wear this style shoe. A pair of Rockport walkers or good lace-up walking shoe from a shoe store that caters to serious runners will make walking easier. You might also want to invest in a pair of arch bands, which you can get at the drug store. This is an ace bandage cuff that fits over the arch of your foot under your socks and lends extra support.

Being able to change your shoes mid-day will help your feet feel less tired.

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Brooks make shoes for support and cushion. Here is their Website for the technology of their shoes, they make waking and running/cross-training shoes.

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Personally, I’d recommend a pair of asics – you can get ones specifically for walking or running. They’re great. They really support the feet and they’re very comfortable.

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I would suggest that you get a pair of orthotics designed for your feet before you shop for serious walking shoes.

You want a big enough toe box and perhaps a half-size larger to support the orthotics.

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Lots of good advice above. I would just add; wear the shoes often and break them in before your big adventure. Brand new shoes and hiking = miserable feet.

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I love my New Balance 940s with arch inserts. They are specifically for people with flat arches who need stability. I can walk for miles in them. You might try visiting a New Balance store if you have one nearby.

Good luck!

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Thanks everyone. We’re going to Disneyworld on Sunday, coming back on Friday and spending M-Th in the parks. So, I don’t have a lot of time to acquire or break them in. I have 2 pair of shoes right now, one makes the bottoms of my feet ache if I walk in them two long, and the other pinches on top of my foot. I’ll write these suggestions down and try a few stores tonight and tomorrow. Thanks…

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Learn to fox walk and just wear thin coverings. Padded slippers even.

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Start slowly if you get shoes with a “good” arch support because your feet on those will be as much a workout as the walking itself. You’ll have back pain and pinched nerves for awhile until some weight comes off your frame.

One of the best exercises and stretches you can do for your feet are toe rises. All you do is stand straight, abs tightened and rise onto your toes, hold a few seconds and then lower back down on your heels. Do this in the mornings when you get out of the shower and again at night after bathing and before exercises because it will help strengthen as well as limber your feet to be able to do the walking required.

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