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How do I twitch my butt?

Asked by Seth (302points) February 23rd, 2011

Yes. You heard that right. My brother and one of my friends can do it, but I have no idea how. I find their ability super amusing, but alas, I don’t know what to do! They say I just need to flex the muscles in my butt quickly, but I don’t know how to control those muscles. Help?

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Do you know how to clench your glutes? This is matter of knowing how to control and move the glute muscles.

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No, no I don’t…

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Don’t worry about it, that is something for girls and gays to do to attract a mate. Unless you are gay, then good luck.

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LOL Well… I’m not gay or female. Just a random hyper kid who is jealous of his brother’s continuous bragging.

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If you really want to learn, then I suggest doing some squats & lunges first. Both make you able to “feel” the muscles you need to use to properly shake your booty ;)

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Go to a strip club and ask the dancers for advice.

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LOL – Do you have a solid muscley bum or a softer one. If its softer you need a little gym time and a bit of mirror time as well.

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If you lie on your stomach, can you lift both your legs up (backwards), even a little bit? It’s the same muscles, just standing on your feet. Another thing you could try is standing upright with your feet together and leaning backwards from your hips. Your butt should naturally clench to keep you in balance. If not, then I probably can’t help you!

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