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Is it ok to work out every day?

Asked by jabag11 (676points) April 30th, 2011

I am 19 and am male. for the past month and a half I have been working out every day. I do weight lifting and cardio, I know you are suppose to let your muscles like chest, bi’s, etc. rest when they are soar, so that’s why on the days when all my muscles are soar I just do cardio.

Now I have been working out every single day, I am trying to reach a goal by a certain day, is this bad for my body?

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As long as you are not working out too hard, you’re fine.

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Yes, a regular routine is good. Not more than an hour a day.

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Working out every day is okay, although you should do weights every other day, other wise your muscles don’t have time to rebuild.

Be careful of overtraining. If you find your self fatigued all day for days, it means you are doing too much and will have to back off severely in order to recuperate.

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Yes! I workout everyday.

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If you’re sore, tired and crabby all of the time I could see that as being a slight hinderance to life in general.

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Not a problem bro work out every day! Just a few things:

1) Sometimes you will see better results if you rest.
2) LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. If your body is telling you it hurts, or it’s too sore to work out, give it a rest.

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Continue doing it but as @mrrich724 said “LISTEN TO YOUR DOBY” ! ;D

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When I actually cared about my appearance I worked out every weekday. I just alternated between upper and lower body each day.

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Think about it, we evolved to get mild exercise often and occasional hard exercise, with frequent rest. As long as you don’t push yourself too hard and rest up, you’re fine.

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What is your goal for working out?
Are you building, toning, strengthening?

Depending on what your goal is will dictate how you work them.
You need to isolate muscles groups.
Every time that you workout you tear microscopic muscle fibers that repair when you are done working out.
These muscle fibers repair afterwards which leads to increased muscle mass. The best way to work out is with trainer. If you cannot afford a trainer make sure you research muscle building completely.
It is critical to determine the number of workouts you need to do each week. Many think that they need to workout every single day and end up wounding their body in the long run. This leads to damaging muscle and overtraining.
Workout sessions should only be for a limited amount of time and when you first start give yourself at least a couple of days to recover. When you’re just beginning to attempt to build new muscle it’s critical that you take it carefully. 3–4 workout sessions is a week is more than sufficient to build muscle.

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As @blueiiznh note, when you do lifting for strength and muscle mass, you damage muscle fibers. They need a day off to repair. So if you are pushing at all in your weight lifting, you would be well advised to alternate ebtween cardio one day and weight training the next. That will let you take the weight training to the level where you can start to bulk up, and still maintain good carsiovascular fitness—which weight lifting doesn’t address very well.

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You can work out everyday as long as you listen to your body and use common sense. If parts of your body are sore, then let them rest and exercise the parts that aren’t sore. Also alternate hard and easy days. I’m 60 and I exercise very nearly every day for >1 hour. Life forces me to miss a workout sometimes but I’ve been doing this since 1983. (Tomorrow I’m planning on jogging 22 miles). Everyone who doesn’t have health problems should exercise regularly and vigorously which is something that our bodies need in order to maintain good health.

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Alternate the muscles. Lower body exercise one day, upper body the next day, and then the middle body the next day, will give you a nice equal tone body that fair all around.

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As long as you work different body parts, and not the same ones.

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@marinelife I work out 3 hours a day.

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Wow, that is a long time.

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Well, it’s volleyball training. So, it’s not really intensive, but hard.

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You must be in great shape.

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Ehh…You could say that.

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I have always loved to play volley ball.

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Wish i was in great shape like you.

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