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Tips for dying my underlayer?

Asked by ivysaurgoesrawr (106points) February 23rd, 2011

I want to dye my underlayer purple but I’m not entirely sure how. I know the basics. Pin up the majority of the hair and leave down the layer I want to dye. Do I apply the dye all the way to the roots of the underlayer though or only at the tips? How high up? I’m doing my bangs to so any tips you have for that will be helpful. Plus I haven’t decided yet if I want to dye all of my bangs or just the underlayer of them, what is your personal preference?

Also! If you have any suggestions for hair dye I could use. I want a deep purple, something that will last a while. I have naturally dark brown hair that’s recently been died dark brown from a light brownish red. Thank you.

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I work at a beauty supply store and have also worked in a hair salon. I’ve had my hair dyed purple, pink, red, green, you name it.

What I would recommend you use is Jean’s Color by Alfaparf Milano, sold at any National Salon Resources, if you don’t have an NSR near you Joico/Vero K-pack Color Intensity has great semi permanent colors, now available at drugstores and wal marts. If you have dark hair and don’t want to bleach your hair use a dark hair color, you can find many different brands at Sally’s Beauty Supply, however I warn you, most people that work at a Sally’s Beauty Supply don’t know s*** about anything in their stores, so figure out want you want and then get it, don’t ask them to help you.

If I were to do this to my hair I would pin up the hair I don’t want colored and I would put it on the top of my head. Then I would take the purple I was using and put it in an applicator bottle like this . Then I would (carefully so you don’t get any color where you don’t want it) put the color on my hair like a shampoo, and make sure you get every strand on hair evenly, it’s nice to have a friend there to help you and tell you where you may have missed a spot. Then let it sit, normally bright colors will take a little longer to process than a black or a brown so I’d say about 30–45 min if you’re not using heat. Then wash out the color from your hair and ta-da! You’ve got the look you want! After that don’t wash your hair for a day or two so your color grips the hair more. I know it sounds disgusting but it’s worth it, get a dry shampoo and put your hair up in a shower cap and just wash your body not your hair.

I hope this works for you! If you have any other questions about your hair ask me! I’m very knowledgeable in hair care and hair products!

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@Stefaniebby should I color the entire length or only the tips?

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I would do the entire length, it’ll be much easier. if you dye just your tips you’ll damage just your tips which will leave even more fried and split ends. Also if you decided to dye it again (maybe a different color) you’ll have a weird strip of where you only dyed the tips, and nobody wants that ;)

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No prob! Let me know how it turns out! :)

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I say leave your bangs how they are!

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If you’re going to dye it a different color, do a color that is more natural seeming and matches your skin tone. Maybe blonde?

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