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What are some must have iPhone applications?

Asked by Jude (32134points) February 23rd, 2011

My brother is thinking of getting an iPhone and wants to know about worthwhile applications.

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Angry Birds.

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If he likes games, Infinity Blade is really fun, awesome graphics, awesome character apearance design, cool game mechanism, and decent replay values ( to get the legendary sword – infinity blade)

If he likes fun little games that require some thinking, I enjoy angry birds and cut the rope.

If he likes RPG games, I recommend zenoia 2 and wildfrontier and chaos rings. (Note that both are asian style rpgs cuz im asian) Chaos Rings is exceptional turn-based RPG, great graphics and even greater story + very big replay value. ( unlock characters, multiple ending)

If he’s old enough and likes sexy pictures, I assure you that there are more than enough apps to satisfy that.

If he goes to college, there are all sorts of handy apps that give you physics formulas, medical informations, and stuff like that.

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I find the BBC and Sky news apps the best and public transport apps but they are always dependent on your locality. Retro Camera is a nice app to get pictures in the style of various old cameras like this one of my wife and niece

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Boxcar for better notification management.

NYTimes for the New York Times.

Scany if you do any kind of administration/monitoring on a network.

TouchTerm for telnet/ssh client.

DropBox for file sharing across devices.

Remote to provide remote control of iTunes on other devices.

iBooks for reading (and purchasing) e-books.

PCalc lite if you want to go beyond basic calculator function. (RPN, baby!)

Netflix to instantly stream movies and tv shows.

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Kindle, evernote, remote, Netflix, facebook, instagram, dropbox, skype

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Doodlejump is extremely addicting… Angry Birds too. :)

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My avatar is the little critter from “cut the rope”
Great game.

I have other suggestions but have to drive. Will post soon. :)

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Free Apps:

appadvice (If it is not free just go to the web site and put the icon on your screen- it is pretty much the same thing.) iPhone news and app reviews. Tells daily list of apps gone free for a few hours.

Pandora- Awesome music free.

appshopper- can put in a wish list of apps and it alerts you to price drops or gone free.

PSExpress- Photoshop app.

Imgur Free- This one is awesome- it uploads images to the internet. I could not live without this one.

Yelp- finds places around you.

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pocket legends!

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