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What kind of cartridge can I use on my turntable?

Asked by Jeremycw1 (1370points) February 23rd, 2011

I have a Pioneer PL-L800 that needs a new cartridge, but I don’t know where to even begin looking for cartridges. I’m new to turntables, so I don’t know what to get. Can I use any kind of cartridge? Or does it have to be pioneer? A link would be helpful also. Thanks!

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some depends on if you ae replacing the needle or the whole cartridge. you can still order them at Radio Shack.

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Yes, you can buy a cartridge from another brand. I’ve found one person online who has done that. However, you must be careful about the specs of the cartridge that you are buying and the type of it. The original cartridge for Pinoeer PL-L800 is a moving-coil type cartridge and I have heard that it has good sound qualities. And moving coil type tend to provide a warm but accurate sound, however it is more expensive and if the stylus cannot be replaced if it breaks, you can only get the manufacteur to “retip” it for you.

In the worst case, you might have to adjust some specs yourself. In that case, this might help.

Also, here’s a general guide on buying cartridges

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@cynicaldeath thanks, that helps a lot. So I just basically need a moving-coil cartridge? Is this considered moving-coil? I think I can probably just take it to radio shack and have them hook me up. I know nothing about turntables haha

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