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Tips for getting (quite a bit of) dried blood out of carpet?

Asked by JmacOroni (3288points) February 24th, 2011

Tried peroxide, that doesn’t seem to be working.

Nothing malicious happened, my dog cut her ear.. and she is okay. My carpet, however, is not okay.

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My mom swears by cold water, but that might just be for fresh blood.
Wal-Mart Inc. does not consider blood to be cleaned up until somebody’s washed the area with a 10:1 water:bleach solution.
You might try a chemical made especially for carpets. Or go rent a rug doctor.

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@Nullo I’ve heard that you should never use warm water on any biological stains, so that may have some part in it. However, that reminds me that I seem to recall a method using ice cubes and salt.

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If nothing else, look for crime scene clean up tips. ;)

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Coca-Cola is a magical elixir that can do so many things, like clean blood stains from fabric!

You can also kill slugs with it, neutralize a jellyfish sting, clean your car battery terminals, clean your engine, and improve the quality of your compost.

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Uh huh.

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@chyna true story. ;)

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Hydrogen peroxide is helpful if the blood stain isn’t too old.

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@gailcalled it isn’t old, but it is dry. This just happened today, but it was probably hundreds of individual drops all over the carpet in my great room. I didn’t realise that my dog had hurt herself right away (I was upstairs, she was down here), so it was pretty much dry when I found it. I tried the peroxide.. twice.. but it isn’t coming up. Thinking we’ll fire up the rug scrubber next.

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@JmacOroni: I have no idea about a mechanical rug shampoo-doer. You can try, I suppose.

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There’s a product called prosolve that cleans old wine and old mustard stains from clothes after they’ve gone through the drier. I’d try that. It’s actually for carpet and upholstery.

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Here’s the trick: Scrub water gently into the spots. Sprinkle with meat tenderizer. Scrub the water and tenderizer into the carpet. Let stand for an hour, then sponge the spots with water to rinse. Let dry. With clothing that has blood stains, you can do the same thing, and follow it with a machine wash. Meat tenderizer breaks down the protein of the blood.

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Oh my, what on earth have you done? I have the perfect tree for hiding bodies, if you are in need of that sort of assistance…

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@WillWorkForChocolate I knew I could depend on you in such a situation!

Just in case anyone was wondering.. Oxyclean and the carpet scrubber finally did the trick. It is about 95% gone, aside from a few stubborn spots that refuse to budge, but aren’t very noticeable.

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@JmacOroni Now might be the time to rearrange your furniture.

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@Nullo I’m thinking an area rug might be a better option.

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