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Can one pour grease down the toilet?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (21609points) May 28th, 2020

From a crock pot? Instead I just poured it into a jug and cleaned up with a bunch of paper towels, after letting it cool for a couple of hours.

I was wondering if you can just pour down the toilet?

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I know why you spend so much money on the plumbers !

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@Tropical_Willie Ok. Lol. Thanks for your warnings. I put in the plastic orange juice container and put in the freezer.

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Of course you can. You never SHOULD.

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No, I wouldn’t. Then once it’s frozen, you can throw it out.

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You could just toss it in the garbage. There’s always that option.

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Grease in any pipes causes clogging issues eventually. I use a coffee can and then throw away.

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You can but you shouldn’t unless you want to pay for a plumber’s visit. Anytime you have grease, pour it in a can or a bottle, or something where it can harden and you can throw it away. Grease will clog any pipe even bathroom pipes just like it does kitchen pipes. If the grease isn’t hot, you can even pour it into a zip lock bag where it can harden and be tossed in the trash

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NO! The only things that should go down the toilet are pee, poo, puke, and TP.

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No. I use it to start fires in my woodburning stove and in my campfire pit outside.

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Can you – yes, but should you, no. Don’t do that.

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I am the mystery plumber. I used to help my Grandma’s older brother, who was a master plumber- long time ago…rest his soul. I slid under houses past spider webs, possums and God knows what looking for busted pipes (water, natural gas). I am no expert, he was, but personally I would not pour grease down a toilet. With wax seals, rubber flanges and plastic pipes, I would not want to take the risk. Some possums are pretty scary looking at the other end of a flashlight!

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One technically can, but I wouldn’t advise it.

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