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Do you click links?

Asked by incendiary_dan (13368points) February 25th, 2011

When engaged in a conversation on Fluther, or even just reading one, do you click on the links that people provide as supporting evidence? I know some people do read/view what I post, and I know some people just ignore them.

In part I’m just trying to figure out if I should go through the trouble of linking information.

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I often click the links. It depends on how much time I have, and on how much effort the person has gone through to tell me what is at the end of the length and why I should read it. I hate it when people just say “the answer is here and tell me nothing else. I won’t check out those links.

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It depends on the question/conversation. If I’m really engaged in the conversation, I’ll click. If it’s a question that I’m not really interested in or a conversation that I’m not planning to follow anymore, I won’t bother. I’ll click on links in questions of my own, regardless.

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Like @Seelix, it really just depends on my interest level in the topic at the time. If it’s a topic I’m not really interested in, but the conversation makes me curious, I might click on it. If it’s something I’m really interested in, I almost always click on it (unless I’m in a hurry).

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I usually do.

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I’m probably 50/50. If the link is in the OP, I’m far, far more likely to click on it – to do otherwise might very well be ignoring the purpose for which the question was posted.

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Most of the times, yes.

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Usually no, only if it’s something I’m generally interested in

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Almost always. If it turns out to be a really long article or study, I don’t always read it – unless I’m planning to address its contents in my answer.
@bob_ Your link didn’t work for me.

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@augustlan – that may have been @bob_‘s point. ;-) Metacommentary as a test of people’s resolve or claims that they “do” click the links.

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@iamthemob I did wonder. And I wanted to make sure he knew that I clicked it. :p

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@augustlan – you so needy. ;-)

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Usually, not always. If I listed it as a stat, I would say 80% of the time I at least glance it and see if it grabs my interest. If the link is in the original question and the OP asks for comments on the article then I do. If the link is given to me to answer a question I asked, whether it be my Q, or a question I asked within my answer, then yes, I am very appreciative someone else found info on the web I was interested in. If the link is to support an opinion I am already willing to accept as a valid opinion, then not many times I don’t.

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I usually do unless there’s 10 link in the answer. There’s very interesting stuff out there I wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

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I click nearly every link. I can’t think of any times that I have not clicked links, but in the spirit of uncertainty, I won’t claim 100% link-clickingness.

@wundayatta I like your link.

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Sometimes. This greatly depends on how interested I am in the discussion, much like was mentioned above.
I always click links in the original question (unless it is obviously spam… in which case, I flag.)

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@iamthemob @augustlan Huh, it worked for me but now it doesn’t… weird… anyway, I wanted to post this, or if that doesn’t work either, this.

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@bob_ the 2nd one works. ;)

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I don’t click on links from newbies. I want to make sure they are not sending a link with a virus. I know, I’m paranoid. I will click on links of jellies I know or have been here a while.

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I suppose I should disclose my clicking habits. I try to click links to articles when they’re in response to conversations/debates that are particularly intellectual in nature. If a point or a piece of information is somewhat integral to understanding that, I’ll check it out. If it’s long, I’ll still at least skim it. However, because of the two computers I use, I’m restricted. The work computer, on which I do the bulk of my fluthering, blocks Youtube, blogs, and lots of other fun stuff. My netbook is slow, and I’m using a neighbors nearby unsecured network at home, so I don’t always load up videos people post (I’ll be sure to load up the one @bob_ linked later).

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Sometimes, mostly at work on their computers and rarely on my own laptop or PC.

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I will hover over a link before clicking and look at the address. If they appear correct, I will click. I avoid tinyurls because I don’t know where they lead. I’m sure I am missing out on gems but so be it.

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As @bob_ points out, we all live in constant fear of being Rick Rolled.
I try not to say here , but rather give a hint on what you’re going to see (It’s the terrific Leeroy Jenkins WOW clip, I had preloaded from another question).

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Most of the time I skip over them because there’s no explanation to what they are. Even if I see the URL points to IMDB or something I won’t click on it just because it would be nice to know what it is before interrupting the flow of reading.

When someone gets bored and asks a quality question like:
I like these, don’t you?

I skip it. Just like I skip answers like:
This is the best movie ever. LOL

I’d much prefer something like:
I think this is the best joy buzzer on the market right now.

That way, if I’m interested in checking it out then I will, if not then maybe some other time.

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I’ll click on links for supporting evidence, but I find that some people tend to confuse “didn’t agree with the linked information” with “didn’t read the linked information.”

I don’t mean to imply that @incendiary_dan is one of these people. It’s just something I’ve seen happen quite a bit.

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Occasionally but mostly no. I would look if I feel I need some more explanation of what is being discussed.

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@mrentropy Chocolate bacon bars? What!?! I’m amazed.

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Usually I do, if the subject of the post suggests I might be interested. I don;t click links that have no explanation given, and I don’t click links that are apparently going to be for a video.

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I agree @mrentropy. I like to have an idea what I’m about to open. One of my Fluther pet peeves is when someone asks a question about music and people answer with “I like this song”.

Can you please tell us what “this” is? It’s not that hard. Sorry, don’t want Justin Bieber song stuck in my head.

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^^Yes! Just tell me it is “YMCA” before I open it and I won’t! Damn, now I have that song in my head.

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@chyna lol. I was going to link to the Village People but changed my mind. Not joking.

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I usually DO NOT click on links because if it takes me off site, I can’t get back on without starting all over. I click RETURN and nothing happens. So I close, get back on line and go through the steps to get back to Fluther. If anyone has a suggestion for avoiding that, I sure would appreciate it.

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@Sunny2 What the heck are you using?

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@Sunny2 What device and browser are you working with?

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Sometimes. It’s on a case for case thing.

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@Sunny2 – If you’re using Firefox, you should be able to right click on the link and select “open link in new tab”. I don’t use Internet Explorer, but I’m sure it has a similar feature.

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@Sunny2—I use IE so I can vouch for it: I can right-click links too, it has that same feature.
But the links in the discussions open up another tab, alongside the discussion tab, automatically even with a left-click…

I think maybe you’re needing to get an updated version of the browser you’re using? I don’t know any that wouldn’t let you go back at all.

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Thanks for addressing my problem. I’m using Firefox on an IMac. (no right and left clicks).

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@Sunny2 You can also hold the command key and click to open a link in a new tab.

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It depends. If I’m tired that night and half- assing it I might skip it and that entire q. If I have to download a pdf file or read something that is dry and long then, again pass.

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Clicking the control button and opening the link in a new window works! Thanks, @SavoirFaire. I got right back to Fluther. I will now be able to hit the links anytime I want to without having to go through the rigmarole to get back and I will whenever I wish! What a boon!

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Yeah, I often click the links…:)

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