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Do you buy music by the album or by the song on iTunes?

Asked by Mikewlf337 (6257points) February 27th, 2011

Yes or no and why? I was wondering since some bands have filler songs on albums.

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Depends on the artist and age of the song. I bought a couple CDs Friday night (Silje Nes, a Norwegian singer/songwriter who plays a mean guitar, and Bart Davenport, a Berkeley based singer/songwriter).

And I have bought a few songs on iTunes the last few weeks. The singles tend to be older songs that I heard on the radio or Pandora that I realized I didn’t have in my library.

I rarely by a current hit single on iTunes. There aren’t too many that I think are worth it.

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Buy…. Music…. im sorry im not familiar with this concept…...

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I have amassed thousands of pounds worth of plastic over the years, I now download to my hearts content….. :-/
My nephew taught me how.

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By the song, because usually, I only like a couple of songs from one album, and I don’t want to waste my money buying extra songs I’m not going to listen to.

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I buy by the album if I really like the artist. I’ll give each of their songs a chance

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I buy the album on Amazon if I like the artist. I usually buy the deal of the day, and download the free song of the day.

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I buy the music song by song offline anywhere but itunes, but very rarely find an artist who I like enough to even consider buying their album :(...sad state of affairs with music these days.

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I do both. If I like a song but don’t necessarily like what the artist/band has released before then I tend to just play it single by single (until they have released enough singles that I enjoy to justify buying a whole album). If I am already a fan of the artist/band then I tend to just buy their albums as soon as they are released.

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