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What is a good career or job for someone who likes to chat about off topic subjects?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) February 27th, 2011

A slow paced environment that has opportunity for someone with just a high school education… and poor work ethic in Canada… one that doesn’t negatively interfere with prime time t.v. watching… and how does one spin this question to make the worker a catch?

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Blogger, but you gotta be interesting enough to get followers, and then get advertising.

Librarian, but you usually need a degree.

Radio personality!

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Radio DJ, they seriously talk about some of the most random stuff in the mornings…

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Talk show host?

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Library technician, if the public libraries in your region hire library technicians. To be a librarian you need at least a masters degree (4–6 years), but to be a library technician all you need is a 2-year diploma. There are a lot of different tasks that library technicians do, but researching answers to questions posed by the public is one of them!

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Run for office and get elected to a cush job in the Government.

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If “prime time t.v.” is in the evening, then you want a day job. If you like to talk to people about all sorts of things, I agree with those above that radio may be a good fit…a chat show…call-in show…or cab driver..hotel work…bartender…help run focus groups…writing perhaps on a variety of topics (blogging as suggested)...receptionist…library or book store great for unusual and varying questions…but it seems dealing with people and all sorts of topics is what you may be seeking.

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