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Is my husband "doing something wrong," why can't he find a job in his field?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) January 27th, 2009

My husband just got his green card in December, but has been applying for aerospace engineering jobs for the last 4 months. He has yet to get any real hit on his resume. He has been looking online (like monster and career builder) and has been in talks with some contacts, but nothing has come to fruitition. Is there another avenue people use when looking for industry specific work?

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Depending on where you are and what the major companies there are doing, there simply may not be any available jobs at the moment.

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It takes time, he should apply either for boeing or airbus, he might have better luck there :)

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It’s a tough economy now. Some places aren’t hiring, some places are even laying off employees. Now there are more people competing for less jobs, and more talented people willing to take meager jobs as well. Keep trying. He may have to reduce his expectations (wage and compensation) in order to become more attractive to hire than others.

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I saw on the local news the other night that Boeing is laying off a bunch of people. I’m sure he is doing his best and please be supportive of him. It is just rough out there.

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I would look into a recruiter in the specific field your husband is in. But like everyone says it is tough out there and layoffs are happening at all the big company’s.

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Like everyone else is saying, it’s a tough time finding (and keeping) a job now. Just be patient and supportive. Maybe you could have someone go over his resume and see if there’s any improvements that can be made. A good resume stands out to employers.

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And a good cover letter too.

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Its hard to say if hes doing something wrong. I mean is he getting interviews? I am assuming not, Then like recommended I would say have someone who professionally does resumes take a look at it. It might cost a few bucks but what is that in the scheme of things. Also make sure he prepares for the interview for when he gets one. good luck! I can only imagine the stress when things dont go as planned finacially.

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I hate my job now and i think i am gonna be layed off sooner or later. Out of context. Here’s something within the topic. TImes are tough everywhere and in the UK, there amount of job posted on my unversity career website decreased by nearly half the amount. Most reputable companies do not high anymore graduates like they did last year. I thought last year esp. early of the year was the boom in job opportunity in UK and this year at the same time, the condition is totally opposite. Freaking shytty i think considering that I pay high exchange rate when i come over to study and get the worse of everything after i graduate. This is ho shit. Peace. I hate working.

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As others have said, it isn’t easy these days. Perhaps you could suggest he cast a wider net in order to get something, rather than his dream job?

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The number of jobs available in all of Michigan is approximately the same as the number of jobs available just in the Ann Arbor area, a couple years ago. The whole job hunting thing is an order of magnitude worse than it was, not so long ago. What everyone said here is right. I know a former sysadmin who is doing data entry, a former programmer driving a taxi, a former teacher who is a grocery store cashier, and a Master’s in English who used to teach part time at the community college who is now doing office manager work. Sometimes you just have to take what you can get.

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Make sure his resume reflects skills and not only work experience, which can be too narrow.

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As everyone says, it is a tough environment. One thing I can suggest is joining any associations there are for people in his industry (and attending meetings if possible) and also subscribing to trade journals that may have job postings.

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Maybe something in the country he came from….the greencard is so, overrated…..

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If your community is anything like ours, it is very competative right now.
I am recruiting for an administrative assistant position right now and have received over 300 (!!) applications. It’s overwhelming and a bit scary to think that many people are looking for work.
A good resume and a solid cover letter make a huge difference. Your husband needs to make an employer want to follow up with him. He needs to stand out somehow. If he’s new to the US, he should explain his move here. If he has gaps in employment, he should be sure to explain that somehow. Don’t assume that education or some good experience will do the trick alone.
I wish you and your husband the best!

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There are probably sites that cater more to his field. Use those. Ask around and network among people in the field to figure out what they are.

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Umm, do you ever watch the news?! It’s the worst job market since the Great Depression. Yesterday, over 50,000 people lost their jobs… In one day… And this has been going on for months now. Don’t give up, but you should have realistic views of the situation. Are there other places outside the US that be could work? many other countries are not having economic problems as bad as the US is at the moment. Good Luck to you both!

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Maverick—a strait talker. lurve to you for thinking!

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He should look for Mechanical Engineering jobs of any sort, at this time. Aerospace is very low at this time.

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You could suggest he make an account on LinkedIn. It’s a fabulous networking site. He will have people looking for HIM!

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