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If you were related to an Oscar winner, how would you feel if they cried during their acceptance speech?

Asked by ucme (50031points) February 28th, 2011

I mean, we’re talking full-on “Paltrowesque” sobbing here. Can you imagine the emotions you’d feel as you witnessed their excruciating…..heartfelt “performance?” Pride in a family member whose ambition has been fulfilled? Or, well…... maybe not!

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I’d cry along with them.

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Very proud and I would also cry with them.

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I would tell them that, whilst I understand that they have just been through a very overwhelming experience, I have no choice but to take the piss out of them for the rest of their life. I’d expect no less from my family if it were me!

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@Leanne1986 Nailed my thoughts exactly!

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Assuming it was sincere and they weren’t some egomaniacal windbag, I’d probably cry along with them.

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@ucme It may have something to do with being British, it seems we are not great with empathy!

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@Leanne1986 Oh I wouldn’t mind the odd tear, but don’t babble on & on & on…...

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@ucme Babble all you want I just don’t want to see snot!

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Oh I would probably join in with the emotions of it all, and perhaps cry along with them.
I would also be very, very proud of them

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I’d be touched, and I would probably cry too.

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Perhaps, it is a British thing.

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Probably nothing. I hope she succeeds at whatever it is she does. If she wins an Oscar, could only hope it’s for soundtrack mixing in an animated Short.

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It would be undignified and embarrassing. I don’t see the point in tears in this situation. It gives the impression that acting is all about winning Oscars. There are lots of great actors that will never get one.

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I would be “excruciatingly” proud, and I would cry with them. I cried at my oldest daughter’s dance recitals and when my youngest has had an exceptional gymnastics class during which her coach praised her and gushed over her potential. I cry happy/proud tears very easily. I even teared up while watching the kids choir perform the Oscar Finale last night, because I was proud for them.

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I’d have no problem with it; it’s fatuousness and pretension I can’t stand.

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They wouldn’t cry.
It takes alot more than a short guy in a gold jumpsuit to make my family cry.;)

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I would just hope they don’t have any regret in becoming emotional, as it goes down in history so to speak. I don’t have any problem with someone crying as they accept the award.

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I would be moved by their show of emotion and I would be very happy for their great accomplishment. I really couldn’t say for sure if I would end up crying or not, though.

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If they thanked me with tears in their eyes, or if I knew it had taken them years and years and years to reach that podium, then I think that I’d cry too. Other than that? I’d feel happy for them, but that’s all.

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Well my brother’s going to win an oscar some day, in which case he will probably cry on stage, and I will be weeping along with him, welled up with pride for him.

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