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What the best way to keep and save tweets of my timeline ?

Asked by jefftavernier (17points) February 28th, 2011

I want to read all the people I’m following, even if I’m not on my computer. I wish I could read my tweets like a RSS feed, when I want… Thanks for your ideas !

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I’m a software and web developer and this is a great idea, I’m going to look into the possibility of developing something like this. (Got my first twitter account a few days ago!)

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You can, in fact, there is an option to make an RSS feed of your twitter :).
It’s on the address bar, just like with any other website.

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Eh, twitter never deletes posts. You can go and read everything in your timeline, it just takes going back a few pages [or a lot].

[Twitter user since 2008]

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Are you using

There is a limit of 30 days on hashtags. You can set up archives

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