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How often do you carry cash on you?

Asked by Axemusica (9467points) March 1st, 2011

I myself haven’t really carried cash on me since I started having a bank account (which was many many years ago), but some places oddly enough still require some silly stipulation that has to do with paying for your merchandise with cash. Either they are doing their accounting for the day and the system is down, so they’re requiring cash payment or their DEBIT machine requires a minimum of $5 to be spent in store. (This is the stores way of justifying having to pay to have that debit machine in house)

So how do you make payments for your merchandise?

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I always have $10 in emergency cash with me. Rest is on my card :)

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Both, but I usually only pay with cash when they require it. Otherwise it’s the card most of the time.

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I would say I have a little bit of cash (around $20 or so) about 50% of the time or less. I figure I can pull out some cash if I need it for something when necessary and if I don’t have it on me, I won’t spend it. Once it’s in my pocket, I find that I’ll spend it pretty quickly.

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All the time. Sometimes quite a bit. I like to pay with cash when I can.

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All the time. I used to never have it because people kept borrowing and never paying back (which was my fault for not being on their ass about it), but it’s just easier to have cash. I went to a restaurant recently that refused to split the check and then I went to a barber shop that stopped taking cards, so it’s just easier.

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yea, @DominicX, lots of places that can’t afford the cost of having the actual machine that uses the card as payment often just get rid of it or ask a minimum as I stated above. Is this barber shop usually busy?

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The reason that some places require cash is that accepting credit cards costs money, due to bank fees and the like. Credit card machines are also very expensive.

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I usually have $20–30 on me. I pay with cash as often as I can.

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Every trip to Tim Hortons 3+ a day

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Very rarely.

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Always. I prefer to use cash because it’s easier for me to keep track of my spending and stay within my budget that way. At the beginning of the month, I take out a bunch of cash and that’s what I allow myself to spend throughout the month. I usually pay for gas with my debit card, though.

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Always. I’d estimate that 90% or so of my purchases are made with cash, and the only ones made with credit or debit are big $ purchases.

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Always. There are still lots of places here that don’t accept card purchases less than £5.

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We get a $.10 discount per gallon when we pay cash, so I always try to have enough to fill the tanks.

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Not very often, but that’s because of complete lack of money. My partner and I have been talking about putting cash into our bug out bags for emergencies, and in general I prefer to pay with cash.

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Are you trying to decide who you want to mug?

I got cash on me all the time. Unfortunately, you can’t do everything with plastic. But as soon as the days of cellphone payments show up, I’m gonna bury my cash, soak it in gasoline and turn it into rocket fuel.

Don’t worry if that doesn’t make sense to you. Do not adjust your set. It was not necessarily supposed to make sense. However, should you find any meaning in those words, feel free to call 311 to lodge a complaint. The City will investigate it sometime in the next century, Unless of course, “complaints” has been subcontracted to the rat catcher (who really out to be catching rats).

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$20 in wallet and a secret $20 bill in credit card holder.

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Always. I don’t charge anything less that $20.

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I used my debit card for everything; however, I always have $20 on me, and at least $1000 at home. (various places and moved frequently.) I never use my credit card unless I have to use it, or if it’s been at least 3 months since I’ve used it…too keep the activity regular on the card.

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Haha @wundayatta, no but the next question is…

Where do all of you live? >:P

It’s like more people use cash than I thought. I just use my card and stuff my receipt in my wallet to balance my check book later. Maybe I should try what @Seelix does. It sounds like a fool proof plan, because I’m much like @incendiary_dan; I would prefer to pay in cash. The card just seems awkward in certain instances.

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Always; it may not be a great deal but I generally pay in cash for small things so as not to have that end-of the-month “Uh-Oh!”

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Rarely. What are homeless people going to do when everything’s on a card?

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Now that my kids are gone, I generally have a little cash in my purse. I don’t usually carry more than $15—$20.

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I don’t use a debit card, mostly because the complications with identity theft with debit cards is more difficult to straighten out. I generally go to the bank on Saturdays and get $100 for the week. I usually have $25 left by mid-week. Most purchases under $20 are made with cash.

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I take out at least $100 at a time from the ATM. I try, when possible, to use cash when paying for gas. I try, when possible, to use cash when paying for purchases. I also like to have cash on hand for lunches, and in general, because it makes me feel more secure, like I am prepared for impromptu outings, whatever. I have credit cards and of course, if I want to keep the cash in the wallet I will use the cards, or write a check. I’ll also use the credit cards for big purchases, or when I don’t have enough cash.

I have never used a debit card, although I do have one.

I find credit cards easy to run up, so i try to use cash to “keep it real.”

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I usually have some cash.

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Rarely enough to where I can’t remember the last time I had to pay cash instead of using my debit card. When I do have cash then I either put it aside at home or deposit it. It seems to me, cash is too easy to spend whereas I usually hesitate before using my debit.

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I also keep one blank check in wallet. My dentist gives a little discount for either cash or check and penalizes us for using a credit card. Very annoying.

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All the time, if I’m lucky.

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I try to always have at least $20 in emergency cash and some dollar bills for tipping.

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Tipping yes, that is important, they deserve it if they were good.

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You’d think in such a “green” city, more places would take charge but I’ve found that to be not so true. Therefore, I feel naked without at least 10 bucks on me at all times.

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Used to be always, but my daughters moved home, lol. Actually, always.

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The place I work at only accepts cash, so I know first hand how many people don’t carry it, because I have to write them a ticket. It’s really annoying. I try to always have at least $10 in my wallet just in case, and everyone else should do the same.

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I always try and have £10 on me. I still don’t really like using my card to make a purchase for some reason.

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I always carry cash and spend cash for most of what I buy. I am not going to say how much cash less some Jellie lay in wait to mug me kidding. But if I can use cash I do, if I get caught away from the bank or some purchase I had not planned on that is more than the cash I have or will take cash away from a purchase already planned I use the card.

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