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On Star Trek the Next Generation, Why is Capt. Picard, arguably the least archetypal twentieth century character, cast as the most interested in that now bygone century?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10211points) March 1st, 2011

Capt. Picard shows his interest in the 1900’s by role playing as a private investigator of the 1940’s. No other character, of which all were in real life born into the twentieth century, seems as much inclined to its study.

What are the writers subconsciously or maybe overtly attempting by casting an actor of the Shakespearean school…

What is that, Irony?

here’s looking at you Seazen

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It was most likely Plot used to progress Data’s understanding of human behavior (as Data was just as interested in it as Picard…) If I remember correctly

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I think it is to show that he is not one dimensional. He is very proper and Shakespearian and restrained in his regular duties as Captain of the Enterprise, which IMO makes him a better Captain than Kirk (although I love me some William Shatner) because Kirk was too impulsive and was more likely to get them into trouble rather than out of it.

So Picard gets to live out his fantasies in the holodeck or when they have anomolies that allow time travel, but yet he’s still the smart, upright, calm and collected Captain when it comes down to it. You just get to learn that he is human and has deep passionate feelings, just like everybody else does, but he’s better at controlling himself than everybody else is.

Plus he’s so damn sexy, that if he didn’t play characters from the 1900’s he would have been less likely to have awesome makeout scenes with Dr. Crusher! Woot!

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Whatever the answer, I just want to say that Jean Luc Picard could get it.

I’m just saying.

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I sigh. <sigh> Oh, how I sigh. A not helpful answer. Sorry, but I’m just so overcome.

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@JilltheTooth You mean by Patrick Stewart’s awesome sexiness? I don’t blame you ; p

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Patrick Stewart is even sexy in Jeffrey.

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@iamthemob Thanks for that clip. I’ve never even heard of that before. And YES, he is quite the hottie, no matter, what movie or TV show he’s in. Drool.

You might enjoy this clip (especially at 3:13) from a movie called Safe House that Patrick Stewart was in. Warning: It is not for the faint of heart.

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In a TOWEL! And in the SHOWER!?


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Yes, I came across that clip inadvertently about a year ago, and I almost had multiple, ahem, contusions, that’s it, yes, contusions.

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