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Do you file federal and state income taxes seperately?

Asked by silky1 (1507points) March 4th, 2011

We have file and received federal income taxes but now I’m wondering about the state.

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Yes. There are separate forms that need to be filled out and filed for any state you have had income tax held in.

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Depends on what state you are in. Some don’t have state income tax.

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If your state has an income tax, yes, it is done separately from the Federal filing. Also, find out if you have a city or local income tax. Where I live, some communities have a 1 or 2 percent income tax for residents.

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They are separate with separate people to mail to.

Unless you live in a nice state like Washington, which has no state income tax! Yay!

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When I lived in Vermont, I had to file and send separate returns for Federal and State taxes.
Having spent most of my adult life either in WA or NH, I haven’t filed State taxes in years though :D

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No I don’t file taxes. I will probably be in federal prison one day.

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Nope. I live in a state that is sensible enough to have an at the register sales tax rather than a state income tax.

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Yes. If your state has income tax requirements you file it separately.

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