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What impact does Fluther have on your real life?

Asked by flutherother (30806points) March 4th, 2011

How does Fluther tie in with your real life and in what ways has it made a difference?

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Nowt really, oh unless you count the wife berating me for being on “that boring shite!” Or the kids telling me they couldn’t care less what so & so said. Yeah, as far as this place is concerned, it’s a one man show in this household.

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Even before I worked here, it affected my life in some pretty awesome ways. I didn’t really have many people around that I could have intellectual/philosophical discussions with, so this place was a real treat for me. Kind of like brain exercise, you know? It got me interested in the world again, and stirred my creative juices, too. I also met some great friends here! Now that I work here, of course, it has a much bigger impact on my daily ‘real’ life. I don’t even know if I have a ‘real’ life anymore. :p

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None, really.

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I have learned a lot of things about a lot of topics.

It has stirred (more in the past than recently) my intellectual and creative juices just like @augustlan.

I have made friends online that I really care about—and some of those friendships have transferred to real life.

I have had a lot of great laughs.

@ucme Isn’t it a bummer to try to tell non-Flutherers about Fluther happenings?

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It helped me figure out what was wrong with my coworkers car when after work it wouldn’t start, it helped me find people who could answer my questions when I was far from home and warning lights started blinking on and off on my dash, and it’s helped me solve the mystery of my freaky ice cube spikes.

And it’s given me at least one real life friend (that I’ve actually seen in person), and a couple customers for my etsy shop. :)

Other than that, what @augustlan said.

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@augustlan ,, I know what you mean ,, fluther seems like a great place to meet some great people and make great friends..
I’m not so good at making friends in real life . . .

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I log on every night, it’s helped me discover some pretty neat bands, and the conversations are downright fun sometimes.

Other than that, however, not a whole lot. It’s a great place to kill some time, but it hasn’t really affected my social life, had me make new (real life) friends, or increased isolation.

It’s a website, I like coming here, I gain some knowledge every once and a while, and that’s about it.

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It lets me have an alternate reality, which isn’t always good, because I can avoid things I need to face, but it’s comforting.

It lets me meet and connect with people in a way I wouldn’t usually be able to, talking about things that really matter. Meeting some fascinating characters.

It gives me a sounding board for my ideas, and a medium to gain other thoughts and insights and opinions and views of the world.

I lurve it

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It gives me ideas for things to do sometimes and makes me think about topics raised in different ways which is always good. I think one of the great things about fluther and any opportunity for a diverse range of people to discuss often complicated and controversial issues is we get to see different points of view. Always a positive.

Negatives, well apart from I fluther when I could be being very productive elsewhere, none. My husband knows I fluther. He doesn’t want to but he doesn’t mind if I do. I often fluther while watching TV with him. One of the benefits is it isn’t a synchronous conversation so I can talk to him politely and without being distracted and then go back to fluther.

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I have a lot less time to do other things.

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MIlo here: The fluther community has, mercifully, taught Gail that I am

Top cat
Hep cat
Fairest cat of them all
King of this jungle on the hill in Spencertown
Deserving of the first fruits
The only cat with nine tails
And the one in our house who gets to identify a catachresis.

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Fluther has helped me through the death of my father.

Fluther helped me solidify my socio-political, religious points of view. I’ve had these perspectives for some time, independent of Fluther, but this is the first place I met a group of similarly minded folk. The discussions helped to educate me and solidify some if my points of view.

Also, I’ve met some very nice online friends. None in person however.

On a day-to-day basis, not so much.

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I just like being here in general. I already knew some of the transfers, then I met more great people here. It’s fun to ask questions, get answers and post your thoughts on other questions. And I actually think about some of those questions when I’m out and about in “the real world” from day to day.

Oh, it’s also given me some interesting blackmail worthy information about the jelly below me, bwuahahahaha!

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None. I enjoy fluther because I can interact with people but it doesn’t effect my real life. It is a way to voice my opinions and to get help on something. Everyone on here uses it to voice their opinions and to get help.

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I have had some good advice and a couple of great recipes which I make regularly. Thanks!

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