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Believers in disembodied spirits: do supernatural beings watch us have sex and defecate?

Asked by bolwerk (10337points) March 6th, 2011

So, you believe in the afterlife or whatever. You think some combination of ghosts, spooks, angels, gods, spirits, and/or other disembodied beings somehow exist. How do you reconcile that with the fact that you cannot see them, and they very likely can watch you in your most private moments? (Well, sex isn’t always a private moment, but most people like to defecate, masturbate, or urinate alone.) Is the “knowledge” that you’re quite likely being watched during an intimate or embarrassing moment bothersome for you?

For the disembodied wraiths haunting your bedrooms and bathrooms, is there some ethical consequence for their voyeurism – a consequence for them, that is?

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It is their raison d´être.

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Assuming such things exist, I would assume they could choose to watch you wherever, whenever. What would stop the?

So…you…better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I’m telling you why – disembodied spirits are staring you down.

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Why would they want to any more than they would have wanted to when they were alive?

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I think they are not there unless your thinking about them. And if your thinking about them on your “free time” then that’s your problem. If my husband who passed away is with me in the bathroom, I don’t really have a big problem with that, my dad passed away as well and I am 100% positive he does not, why would he? And probably if I asked him while he was still alive if he’d do such a thing he’d would most likely ignore me for the next week or something cause he’d be mad I’d even think to ask him something like that in the first place. So no I don’t think they just pop in whenever they feel like it, they pop in whenever you feel like it.

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No, but I watch them.

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Cheating a bit, here. I’m no believer.

I wouldn’t feel ashamed towards invisible spirits. They know if they enter a private residence without the inhabitants having any way to know they’re there, they’re going to see a whole lot of unflattering things. What do they expect?
Not just sex and toilet business, either. People picking their noses, talking to themselves, dancing like lunatics, singing along off-key without knowing the lyrics…
So then they’ll either stay away from people’s houses, or they’ll have stopped caring about things like that.

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They point and laugh too. ;)

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You clearly haven’t been to the Chiesa Degli Angeli A Chi Piacciono Guardare Le Cose Private. The stained glass depictions… make it all clear.

And yes, the Archangels watch the watchers and meet out consequences.

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I actually asked a really hardcore Christian if God watches us poop or not.

She said yes, and that He doesn’t care, because he invented poop and is familiar with the ins and outs of it, and there is no reason to be embarrassed or disturbed by the idea. I guess she had a point. She had a strange, joyful smile on her face the whole time she told me, too.

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I wondered about this recently. They can pop in and out whenever they choose, if they’ve been given that ability and have the desire. So all I can do is hope they stay out of my bathroom.
Trust me: they can “appear” when you are NOT thinking about them in the least. It could be true that only “sensitives” can be visited. I have zero idea how that works. lol But it is soo very cool when it happens you just would be blown away. It is really great.

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My guess is that non-physical entities probably wouldn’t attach the same meaning to physical acts. Sex wouldn’t be something to gawk at for them. “Oh look, they’re doing it again. Whatever.” Same with pooping.

@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard That encounter sounds weird, and reminds me a bit too much of a few people I know.

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From your question it is clear that you misunderstand the dimensions that you are speaking of. The spiritual individuals are on a different plain of existance than we and have a higher knowledge and stronger understanding of life. Your thoughts from your questions indicate that those from the spiritual realm would be interested in the lower actions and thoughts of man and therefore be watching us do things that are private to us. It is of little interest to them to watch us in private moments what for? We are all a part of universal life and we all have aspects that we have to do to exist which include those things you mention but you mention them on a plain of being almost obsene. Why would anyone who understands life on a higher plain be the way you try to describe? Answer they wouldn’t be. Just a nudity is so different in the States than it is in different countries.

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@marinelife Nothing better to do when you’re dead. And maybe they did want to when they were alive!

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I am wondering of all the times I felt visited by my father or my husband, they were usually times when I was seriously thinking about them. A few weeks after my husband passed I was in bed not able to sleep trying to communicate really I asked for a sign. My house banged loudly 3 times loud enough to make the dogs bark. My husband and I always had this thing that when we were not in the same room we knocked on the wall 3 times which meant I love you…it was a sign and I was thinking about him. Another time I was crying in the car shortly after his death and again I was talking to him asked for another sign, I turned on the radio in my car the satellite which had never worked switched on and this was playing
Then I saw a falling star which seemed to fall in front of my car on the road and looked so close I could touch it…another sign. Any experiences I have had with other “visitors” and I have had no clue who they were I would have to assume they are trying to get attention and get notticed so I agree with @Summum it’s about the realms.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard First, they always have a strange, joyous look on their face. Second, I’m confused: You watch people poop?

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If I were a ghost, I wouldn’t want to watch people poop. I might watch some people getting it on. I would definitely be down for pranks and furniture rearrangement!

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@seazen, I invented poop, apparently, so I guess it shouldn’t bother me.

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