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How can I keep my nose piercing at my job?

Asked by taytaysafreak (244points) March 6th, 2011

I got my nose pierced over a year ago, and it took an eternity to heal but once it healed, it was perfect. Unfortunately, it swells up whenever I take the stud out and it closes up pretty quickly, so I never really changed it very often. I always use surgical grade stainless steel L shaped stems. (I know L shaped stems cause some stress to the piercing but I have so much trouble with the screws that I gave up eventually.) I love this piercing so please don’t bash me for having it. I have MANY others, and I’m fine with all of them growing shut but I can’t let go of my nose piercing. I remove it and keep it out for 8–10 hour shifts at work, then I put it back in when I get home. Once it’s back in, the area is red, swollen and sore. It’s fine by the next morning but…that’s when I have to remove it again for another shift at work. It just never ends. Is there any way to keep my favorite sparkly gem without destroying my left nostril day after day? ADVICE IS APPRECIATED. Please do not lecture me or give me a hard time about my decision. I knew what I was getting myself into when I had my nose pierced. People tend to give me grief over piercings, so save yourself time…

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Perhaps you could try a piercing retainer? I would think depending on your job it shouldn’t be a problem for your employer.

EDIT: Something like this.

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I know a girl full of holes piercings, she uses little plug thigs when working…

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I would use a retainer but I work for Universal Studios Orlando as an attractions attendant for a roller coaster and they consider ANY type of piercing a safety hazard when working with machinery… :(

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Will they allow you to just cover it? I’ve seen people with nose piercings covered by a tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny band-aid…don’t know where they get them but….maybe that would fly?

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The only person on this earth that can give you an answer is your supervisor.

Police officers cannot wear any gold or metal, unless its a wedding band in my department.

Your boss has the final say so.

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I’m sorry I wasn’t more specific…
NO bandaids, NO retainers, NO attempts to cover it up. :(
Since it is a safety hazard, they’re very strict about keeping the piercings out while I’m clocked in.
I’m just asking if anyone knows how to keep swelling down and make the process a bit less uncomfortable, haha. BUT THANK YOU! I appreciate all of your suggestions. I’m sorry I wasn’t being too specific. I’m exhausted. :|

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So basically, under no circumstances can you have facial/cartilage piercings in.
You are allowed 4 ear rings, 2 per ear. First and second lobe.

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Which came first, the job or the piercing? In other words, did you take the job and then get your nose pierced, knowing your job wouldn’t allow it, or did you get the job after the piercing and they hired you, but let you know it wouldn’t be acceptable? If it’s the former, it’s pretty much a problem you created; if the latter, a little less so, but then you took the job knowing the consequences.

You may need to give up the job if you’re more attached to a hole in your nose. This isn’t ragging on you; it’s the way life is sometimes.

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I had the piercing way before I got the job. I was just hired a little while ago. I figured I would run into this problem eventually, but having so many other piercings that I could remove and put back in like nothing, I didn’t expect to have so much trouble with this one.

Also, I don’t want to make it seem like I am bashing Universal. It’s an amazing company.

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There are plastic nose pins, they are clear and you can’t see them. They operate just like a normal screw. Lots of people here have piercings but work in upscale restaurants where they can’t be seen to have piercings. works great

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ps and that crap about it being a safety hazard is just that- it’s a tiny little thing in your nostril for gods sake- wear a clear plastic screw and be done with it

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A piercing retainer is the best thing to do. Or you can just do what I do. I get an extremely small nose ring. Then I cover it up with tons of makeup.

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As an FYI, the OP told me in a PM that retainers are explicitly forbidden, as is jewelry.

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Perhaps a visit to a dermatologist is in order, to see if there is a way to get the piercing to heal better.

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If you can’t wear a retainer and you can’t wear a visible piece of jewelry, and if your piercing tends to close up when there’s nothing in there keeping it open, it doesn’t sound like you’re going to be able to keep it.

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Yeah, no go on the retainers. Ehhh. I think the safety hazard thing is a little weird. I think it’s a way to make everyone look…the same. It’s a family park and some people are easily offended by body piercings and tattoos. I respect that. I don’t understand it, but I respect it. Guess I have to say bye-bye to my favorite piercing. :( I may see a dermatologist and also look into screws again because I know they go in smoother.

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Perhaps the dermatologist will have some way to cauterize the piercing so it will stay open and not close up.

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Okay. From a person that worked at a Worker’s Compensation insurance company, many moons ago. Here’s the thing. Those insurance policies that companies pay a GAWD awful amount of money for, have silly little things in them – down to the smallest nose piercing. Someone in Risk Management has sat there and figured out any way a worker could get hurt, down to that little nose piercing getting caught on something. If they knowingly allow you to do something that may be prohibited for coverage, they are then open and accountable, in case of a loss. (injury)

I don’t remember (I had friends that worked at that very park, years ago…I was there the day it opened!) if they have the same squeaky clean image that Disney does, for it’s employees, but it could be part of the reason. An image issue.

Either way, it sounds like if you want the job, you need to take it out! Also, they know you have it, believe it or not; someone may notice a cover-up job.

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How about trying some soothing, healing creams- aloe vera, tea tree oil creams? Or how about a ring if you are just going to be home? Many moons ago, when I had my ears pierced, we were told to use Ozonol because of its healing properties. I had no swelling or trouble.

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I don’t think there’s a way to reduce the swelling. As the piercer described it when I pierced mine, there are a bunch of layers of skin/cartilage, and they have to be lined up just like they were when it was pierced to get it back in. It’s tricky to force that, which is why it causes trauma. I don’t think any product can help with that :(
I finally took my nose ring out and dyed my hair instead for the statement.

Good luck!

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My ex boyfriend had his stupid lip pierced when we were dating and when he worked he put in a little clear plug and you could hardly tell it was there. I’m sure they have one for noses too.

By the way, what job do you work at that doesn’t allow nose piercings? Usually even at the strictest of places they let you keep your nose piercing in.

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I work at Universal Studios Orlando. Theme park. No one gave me trouble about it until my first day of orientation. During interviews, I was told immediately what had to be removed, and the nose ring wasn’t pointed out once. I had two interviews and went through a day of orientation without being bothered. The next day I was told it had to be out. :( My nose is actually doing okay, my tongue ring, on the other hand…oh man. Definitely have to let that one go.

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Maybe you could switch jobs within the park. Something like selling drinks? I wouldn’t think it would be a safety hazard for every job in the park.

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Try using a straight pin instead of a curved one.

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