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When piercing the cartilage in your ear, which side did you choose?

Asked by Finley (833points) May 6th, 2010

I understand that one side means that you are gay. Apparently “Left is right and right is wrong”. Do people still look at it like that? what side is most common?

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Neither side means you are gay. Choose whichever side you like.

I happened to do mine on the left.

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I have it left. Depending if you stand facing me or behind me.
Someone could go ”Hey, you wear it right.”, then i would go ”No, i have it in the left.

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I remember when I was a kid people saying if a boy had it in one side he was gay but I never knew which side they meant. I don’t think it means anything at all. Go with whichever side you feel more comfortable with. Think about which side you sleep on more often because if you lay on it constantly as it’s healing it will take longer to heal.

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Most people can’t even seem to remember how that myth even goes. Either way, it’s a myth. Pierce whichever ear you want.

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Get them both. Win win?

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Oh my goodness, I’ve never heard of that. Anyway, I have my left side pierced, but whichever you want is the way to go

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I thought the “gay” reference only applied to bottom lobe piercings. (The side you choose shouldn’t determine your sexual orientation regardless. It’s irrelevant.)

Anyways, I’m right-handed so I chose the left side. Choosing the opposite side of your dominant hand makes changing your piercing way easier. I did the same for my nose. Left side.

Eventually I will be a 90˚ angle, bent to the left, from all the metal on that side weighing me down.

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I don’t think people even put that into consideration anymore, if they ever even took it seriously in the first place. Haha I have a few cartilage piercings. With my first one, I went with my right ear, because I sleep on my left side, so I figured it would be more comfortable. My second one was on my left side, in a different placement. My last one was right underneath my first cartilage piercing on my right side. I don’t think that whole “gay” thing has any significance; especially these days. :)

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