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What do you think of the Lingerie Football League?

Asked by chelle21689 (6987points) March 8th, 2011

I don’t know about this…girls having to be all half naked to be recognized playing a “man’s” sport? Haha I know in track, swimming competitions, and other sports have women being half naked but I feel like this is just something to get men hard…

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I’m sure this was originally started as a joke and as something for the football dudes to get all excited about but, they are wearing a lot less padding and have a much greater potential to get hurt on the field. I think that makes them tougher than male football players. ;)

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At least it’s more entertaining than regular handegg.

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They have a team around here. It’s the only sport around here, which we have ALL of them, that I never went to and have no interest in going. We do have the Force, which is NFL rules lady football. I’m not the type that thinks because I have no interest in it or don’t like it that I think it should be banned or stopped. I wish them ALL the success in the world, just succeed without my direct support.

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Sucks, I’d rather watch Scrubs.

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I think it’s just a way to get people that don’t really like football into the game more, but it’s not working for me! Football will still be lame even after the girls shower off later after the game with their Herbal Essence shampoos and all!

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Only in America :-/
I’d watch it…...

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I have mixed feelings.

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Sad. I played football for two years in high school and it was sad that our games were virtually unattended. But then we wore all the regular football padding and uniforms. Perhaps we would have had more people come if we had dressed up in lingerie which is equally sad.

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It’s funny how people mock girls playing football. We had powderpuff football ridiculous name, by the way once a year for Thanksgiving. Our girl team always beat the opposing high school’s girl team and our boy team the “official” football team sucked so much.

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@tranquilsea: I’ve never heard of a school having an actual season for girl’s football. Things have changed! That’s a good thing.

@KatawaGrey: I hated the name “powderpuff” as well. I played and had a great time, way back when (realizing how long it’s been.) Ours was a bit different. The seniors played the juniors, never another school.

As far as the lingerie team…never watched, so I don’t have too much of an opinion. Doubt it would be too favorable, though.

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I went and saw the Miami Caliente play the Baltimore something team in Miami last October in Miami. It was bad ass. The girls wore halter tops, daisy dukes, and shoulder pads and helmets. They were all trim and hot. They were really good at football too. I was impressed. And they were so aggressive. There was a fight every couple of downs. More entertaining than college or NFL by far. By the way the Caliente whooped them Baltimore girls ass.

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Am I really the only who’s impressed that these girls are beating each other up in much less protective gear than male football players? They were running into each other and flipping each other over their shoulders. I don’t many men who could do that.

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Any excuse to look at a hot girl with little clothes on. “Gentlemen’s Clubs” for the whole family. It’s wholesome, don’tcha know? No nudity. Instead of pole dancing, they get to bang on each other (bang—get it?) with shoulder pads. How about nude wrestling? Or those sex competitions? This is no different, except it looks socially acceptable.

Look. If I want to look at a scantily clad pretty girl, then I want to look at my scantily clad pretty girl!

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I bet Victorias Secret loves this type of football.

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I think it has real possibilities. Beats women’s golf.

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Infantile and banal. Definitely an improvement over the NFL.

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@josie ah, but if the women who played golf wore lingerie would it be more interesting?

@KatawaGrey it has been my experience that women can take more pain than men can <promtly ducks head>

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@cak I don’t know if that school still has a girl’s football team as I played there 20 years ago.

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What’s the big deal?? The first Olympians were naked!! Clothes except wool/silk blend suits are over rated.

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@tranquilsea: You know. I’m just a bit out of it today. I don’t know why I assumed it was a regular season for the girls.

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@bob_ Bob, from you, I was expecting an “ehhhhh” like the Fonz.

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@KatawaGrey You have a point, but they also weigh a lot less than NFL football players. Their play style seems to be much less violent than in the NFL, too.

My opinion is the style and language seem embarrassing and silly. It’s crazy that they call it Lingerie football. It’s ironic that it’s not really lingerie, either.

I think women’s football could be cool and interesting, but the naked skin and sexy aspects are just goofy.

Reminds me too of all the goofy fantasy/medieval game art that has warrior women in chainmail bikinis.

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I think it’s stupid. They have team names like “Seduction” and “Fantasy”.

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Well I don’t think too much of american football in the first place…

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Really kind of a foolish novelty.

But ladies, what if there was a HFL ( Hunks League Football). Skins only.

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Keep in mind that these women are paid athletes and could probably kick the butt of many people who are deriding them. They deserve some respect.

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To me it is in the same situation as beach volleyball. In that the guys wear boardies and tank tops, the females are REQUIRED to wear bikini type outfits. They are constantly tugging them up or down depending on their location. It is an insult to the athleticism of these women that in order to play the game they have to dress like seductresses.

Course I also wonder why the women don’t get together and say hey we are not going to do this anymore unless we are allowed to dress for the occasion. They could be wearing tight pants and tops like regular NFL players and for the beach volleyball they could wear compression shorts and tops. They would still look sexy on those toned bodies but wouldn’t be objectifying themselves as they are now.

I actually find women’s sports require more skill than mens. Most men’s sports these days rely on brute strength and size whereas women’s incorporate some strength but also skill and finesse. But any college will tell you, the female sports don’t bring in the big bucks like the males do.

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What “sex competitions” are you talking about?!?

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