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Does anyone personally or know anyone who lives on Bush street in San Francisco (who wouldn't mind getting a random postcard from a stranger)?

Asked by Nimis (13255points) January 20th, 2009

I want to test to see if the post office will recognize/deliver to:
_____ Bush Obama Street.
San Francisco, CA 941__

I guess I’m sort of asking for a one-time pen pal of sorts. Anyone game?

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Oh that is priceless! Wish I could help you :(

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The City has already removed the signs but it was very funny. Bush is a very eclectic street and a 4 lane one-way direct route downtown so a lot of people saw the signs.

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Darn it. Thwarted again.

UPDATE Just googled an update on the situation and they have indeed been taken down.
The thing that sucks though is that the city said that because of the cost to clean and replace (Replace? Really?) the signs, it would put this under vandalism. But there are tons of pictures of the ‘vandals’ all over the internet. In some of them, they’re even posing with SFPD. Seems kind of weird to get in trouble post fact.

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I can change NE 21st between Prescott and Alberta to Obama if you want. It is only four blocks but, hey.

That doesn’t seem as powerful.

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@Nimis You just don’t get San Francisco, do you. It’s just the budget, baby. Where are they going to put it? Street cleaning? Bay to Breakers cleanup? Stick it under vandalism-nobody will notice. When you come to San Francisco we’ll just add a buck to your hotel tax to pay for it.

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@galileogirl True. If it has to go anywhere, vandalism or street cleaning makes sense.
Though with a tight budget, I can’t imagine replacing them seems the best idea.
Plus, didn’t they just repeal the toll exemption on rental cars?
I think that would more than cover it.

No hotel for me. Though I give the city more than
my share of money with all my damn parking tickets.

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That reminds me of the time right after Richard Nixon resigned. My family was driving through San Clemente, CA (which was were Nixon lived) and someone painted “ex” on all the “Avenida Del Presidente” road signs.

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@AstroChuck Hey, wait a minute! Come back!
While I have you here, I might as well ask you.
Say the signs were still up and I actually mailed something,
would the post office have recognized and/or delivered it?
Did anyone try to send mail to Avenida Del Ex Presidente?

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@Nimis Tourism is only second in raising revenue. The big money comes from parking tickets. But we are following the Fed and state examples and just given up on balancing the budget. We kind of expect the Big One to hit and get us a bail out.

BTW they have dropped the toll ‘exemption’ now that they have good cameras up. Besides an increased fine, renters will get a whopping service fee from the rental company charged on their credit cards. We make it convenient though, all the tolls will soon be a convenient $5. Not like the toll roads back east where you are always scrabbling around for change

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Tourism is only second in raising revenue.
The big money comes from parking tickets.

Hrmmm…I may have single-handedly made that true.

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Yeah I regularly got at least a dozen tickets because my job is surrounded by residential 2 hr parking so no meters. Then I had a stroke and got a handicapped placard. Woohoo!!

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So, in a spirit of fairness, can we ask a member of the US Postal Service come to your workplace and waste your time ?

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@AstroChuck, Since you work for the postal service, do you know if the letter would go through?

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@osakarob Sure. Do I get a return to sender stamp option?
(Or my work’s version of it?) If I got the joke, I’d deliver it.
If I didn’t get it (or didn’t find it funny), I’d just stamp it return to sender.
Doesn’t seem like such a big deal either way, no?

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OMG Chuck is in the postal service, that is so enlightening- Hi, brother 94120 member 1966–1968, daughter of 94120 member 1963–1990.

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this is so funny.
i think it would make someone’s day at the post office (assuming that they’re obama supporters).

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@TALI & Nimis- I would think so, unless the office is run by morons.
What am I saying?!

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I know someone who used to live on that street…

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