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How can I contact people in Mexico using the internet?

Asked by livingchoice (553points) March 8th, 2011

I have a product that I want to promote in Mexico. I do not want to travel there. How can I use the internet to put my product in front of people who live in Mexico. Is there a site, tool, other, etc.? All I can come up with is looking for people here in the US that look the part and targeting them. But I also want people who live in Mexico and need at least an e-mail address to start promoting my product to them. How can I do that?

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ask dr_C on fluther. He lives there.

Generally marketing a product in another country involves “localizing”—redoing your advertising materials in the language of the target country and taking into account the cultural differences of said country.

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craigslist for Mexico might be helpful!

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I would stay away, there are already three main cartels in Mexico promoting their product. :)

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Great answers so far. You all have helped a lot. I sent a message to Dr_C. That Craigslist & google Mexico was excellent, Thanks!

Which US state(s) has the largest concentration of Mexicans? Figure I would target that location with my advertising. The same with the below.
Which Brooklyn, NY and Manhattan, NY neighborhood has the most Mexican populous?

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what are you selling?
[I doubt the cartels are any competition]

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It’s a program for current TelCel wireless customers that enables them to pay only $0.10 cents for the first 90 mins of the call to/from the US, Canada and Mexico from their cell phone.

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