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The time has come, the Walrus said, to welcome another jelly to the 10K mansion!

Asked by Shiva (226points) March 8th, 2011

It’s dverhey! Come say congrats on the great (koo koo ka) Job! He’s earned it!

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Congo Rats to you! Well done!

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And I see the Community Feed hasn’t even noticed yet.

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Way to go! Congratulations! :)

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Congratulations!! 10k hooray!!

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Whooooo hooo!!!

Welcome you awesome whiskered jelly!

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Hey Hey Hey! Way to go, @dverhey. You’re in the mansion already. A hearty welcome, and some fish!

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Woo ho! Congratulations!!

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Sweet 16 and already in the Mansion! Congrats to you!!!!

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Terrific! Ho’omaikai! Congratulations!

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Congratulations, and welcome!
I get to say “welcome” because I beat you by 20 seconds or so.

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Congrats. Well deserved.
and congrats to SpattzieLover who just hit the mark in this thread. Is that a first?

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@breedmitch if it is do I get an award for it? ;P

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I’m guessing @Shiva isn’t a newbie? ~

Congrats oh smart one – great that you’re a jelly.

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Congrats, dude! It seems like I’ve known you forever. :D

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Congratulations! :D

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Wow, what a party! Congratulations!

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Congratulations! :)

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Way to go! Congrats on 10k :D

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Koo, koo, kah, choo! Congratulations on the 10K!

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I know I’m late, but happy 10K and congratulations, @dverhey!

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A tip of the hat to the jelly with some of the best musical taste on Fluther. Congrats, @dverhey!

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Congratumaltionastical @dverhey!!!

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At this rate, we’re gonna have to build another wing on the mansion. Congrats, @dverhey!

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Congratulations, @dverhay! You are very mature for your age and a good addition to the collective.

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Congratulations on 10K!

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Congrats on the 10 Grand!

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Wonderful news! Welcome to the jungle (i mean the mansion!!).

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Yes, fabulous musical taste.


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Well, thanks all. I’m glad I’ve been able to experience fluther through the migration, answerbag migration, multiple new designs, and most recently a bit of a twitter migration.
Either way, I’m happy I stuck around, and although it took me nearly 2 and a half years to mak it to the mansion, I’m glad I could experience some of Fluthers ups and downs and I look forward to see how it evolves and changes its identity in the years to come.

So thanks everybody that’s commented here, everyone who’s left me congratulatory comments, and especially @augustlan for getting my account back up when I deleted it about a year ago.

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Also, did somebody just lurve the hell out of all of my questions and answers yesterday night? I don’t think I’ve ever recieved so much lurve in about 2 hours before. :D

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@dverhey it’s a little trick some of us have to get you to your partay ;)

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@dverhey Enjoy the lurve. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

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Congratulations to you.

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Mazel Tov!

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