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Are my steadfast cat wranglers standing by?

Asked by gailcalled (54570points) April 16th, 2008

Milo arrives on Friday. Frontline arrives Monday. And… apparently his foster mother let him sleep under the covers w. her. Can cats be retrained? Or do I have to be the one to change?

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Hahahaha, cats can be… sometimes discouraged but rarely trained. (Yes, though, with enough work you can train them to do what you want, unless you want them to stop opening the doors on their own.)

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I have a feeling it will be a little of both. Just remember we’re here for u if u need us.

One more thing….a great flea control trick for you— buy some 90 mule team borax (they sell it in the grocery stores with the laundry detergent here in so cal). Sprinkle the borax into your carpeting & then sweep it into the piling. The borax is a non-toxic substance that will dehydrate any flea eggs so the little buggers can’t hatch. Typically, if you do it once & keep him frontlined u shouldn’t have a problem. Since you’re in the wilds u may need to borax every 6 to 8 months.

I have three beasties, this is what I do & we’re flea free

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You may not have much of a problem with it since he will be in new surroundings and wont know where your bedroom is. Just try keeping the bedroom door closed at night so he forms the habit of sleeping elsewhere. Also, I wouldn’t let him outside for the first few weeks, or he might take off on you. I have a feeling this will be the first of many Milo threads! Good Luck gail. I’m sure you’ll do just fine with him!

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My cats only sleep under the covers in the winter (in the cold weather).....
You’ll do fine.

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Thank you all (or almost all) for the very helpful replies. And you are right, scamp. I am sure that you haven’t heard the last about Milo (or the latest about my anxiety attacks.)

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I look forward to hearing how things go for the two of you!

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Well, maybe I can teach Milo how to type.

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My beasties are extremely helpful little animals. They LOVE to help me work on the computer and it is mostly annoying but in a cute way. I just have to use the Bk Sp key a lot. It is adorable when they help me make the bed or when I’m cleaning the house, though.

Good luck Gail…post and let us know how it’s going!!

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This is a guide to engineers and cats. It might actually help slightly. >.> maybe…

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@del…that video is awesome!! Thanx for sharing!

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After 6 hrs in residence, Milo has already trained me to leave my bedroom door open. I tried a quick nap w. it shut this afternoon. He mewled so piteously outside the door that – guess what? Now, what about his tail thumping on my head. Can I be firm about that at least?

And so far so good. He is aristocratic, well-mannered and looks like Maurice Chevalier.

@all; I am on dial-up in Hicksville and therefore skip the youTube and other online video stuff.

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Wondering how your new roommates are doing. We lost our kitty of 18 years last June. She was an undercover kitty and we were hoping for a new one. We certainly got it, but not only does this one sleep under the covers when she’s cold, but I get nose licks as well. First cat I’ve ever had that does that. She spent the first night in her crate, which surprised me, so I found a fold up one at the pet store, put a fluffy microfiber throw in it, and she actually puts herself to bed and sleeps there when we are gone. Every night she crawls under the covers about 3, I guess that’s when the temp drops in the house. Let us know how things are going.

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