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Ok flutherites...what is this for?

Asked by Meego (4697points) March 9th, 2011 from iPhone

The question is pretty simple. I bought a car its an 07 Mazda3 manual. It’s a great car I’m pleased! One thing I cannot figure out what the heck is this for??
I know what it does but if it works for my car I don’t know what for and pushing the button doesn’t do anything so who’s or what car does it go with?? Any else have a remote like this?

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It’s for locking and unlocking the doors according to the symbol.

Perhaps it needs a new battery?

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Wow… if it’s not unlocking anything when you push it, I don’t know what it could be for. I would call the dealership and ask them!

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What @marinelife said. If you have automatic door locks and it doesn’t work, you need the battery replaced. If you don’t have automatic door locks, it’s probably just a spare keyring they had.

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Ok very good answers but, I have another remote that looks nothing like this one, and unlocks the car. I was wondering if they thought it was supposed to remotely unlock the gas tank or the hatch, but I don’t think either have a remote. I also thought maybe it is a remote starter for another car, I’m not sure what those look like.

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If the battery is good it might be out of synch with the unlock decoder. Check the manual for instructions on Remote Keyless Entry synchronization. Something like: turn ignition key on, push throttle to floor, while holding radio band button while touching finger to nose for 4 seconds.

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@worriedguy lol funny you say that in a dodge caliber you have to do all that to stop the annoying oil change alarm. haha. So you are probably not far off! Although with Mazda all extra options cost you, so I’ll probably have to pay to learn the tricks :/

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Oh @marinelife just to clarify, the battery is working fine, a red light comes on when you push the button.

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Since you have one remote that works, I still stand by my answer that it’s for a different car.

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@Meego worriedguy’s point is a good one. If the car battery is disconnected the alarms, remote devices, etc need to be resynched to function properly. Check your manual.

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If the round one doesn’t look like the key fob that works then I’d say it’s not for the same car. Either it comes from a different car or it belongs to an after market alarm system.

There’s no logos or writing on it? I’m not familiar with it and don’t know any companies that have one like that, off hand. I’d be willing to lean towards alarm system.

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By the end of the day I’m going to check the manual see if there is anything about resyncing it to the car. Can I just add that this would be the second time I’ve bought a car from this popular dealership whilst the other car also came with a ghost key :/ which my mother threw out the window of the moving car and hit directly one motionless mailbox…talk about aim, we laughed for days about that one as she was so lucky it was not a person standing there =O and don’t ask me why she chose to throw it out the window, I don’t even think she knows, lady never litters and when she finally does it’s an object of destruction..LOL she vowed to never litter again.

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LOL @mammal ok! How did we decide it was a sex object, there is no vibrate button…I was also spoiled when my husband pushed my button it was no mystery for him, if only he was here to push the auto mystery button :/

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So… there’s nothing on the back? Logos, writing, etc?

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@mrentropy Nothing! It’s after market it has to be, but if it is an alarm then it doesn’t work in my car.

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Maybe they just thought you’d like an extra key ring.

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Go figure!

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Looks like something one would use to cover a nipple.

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I had a look in the manual but couldn’t see anything like this. Take it to a Mazda dealership. I’m sur ethey will be happy to advise you.

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@flutherother I was looking at the manual in my car and you were right there is nothing. I’m thinking at this point it’s for a different car. But when my car goes in for it’s oil change I will be asking. I was hoping someone here would have seen one in their lifetime and know what car or product it actually goes with, now I’m just interested to find out.

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