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So.....what do you do with all your free time between page loads here?

Asked by Cruiser (40401points) March 10th, 2011

This thread prompted this question. I open mail and play my harmonica, what do you do?

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Work on my crossword puzzle.
Polish my nails (toes and fingers).
Fix a sammich.
Pour another glass of wine.
But seriously, I very seldom have problems with pages loading slow.

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I scratch myself and listen to radio

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I say “Dammmit!” a lot and keep hitting the button. I figure that, like an elevator button, short, angry bursts will ultimately be effective.

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i get off Fluther because life is too short to be sitting around waiting.

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I have taken up sewing and eating crumpets. No, actually I browse around other sites. Yes, there are other sites besides Fluther. Found this out a couple days ago.

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I play the trombone.
I’ve replaced the screen on my laptop 72 times since yesterday.;)

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I wait for pages on the other websites to load. I have very slow internet…

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Open a question, grade a test, read/answer question. Open a question, grade a test, read/answer question.

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I’m currently pwning noobies on xbox live, black ops to be precise.
One big fun packed roasting to another…....well, sorta.

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@ucme My 11 yr old keeps talking about this goof in the UK that he says is a load of fun to take out. ;)

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@Cruiser Delusion can be a terrible thing, particularly in one so young. Send him my deepest sympathies won’t you :¬p

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