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I'm on suboxone.Is it just another addiction...just another problem?

Asked by TotallyPisces1975 (31points) March 10th, 2011

I’m a recovering addict and i do want help.But what is help when another drug is taking the place of another?I’m on suboxone,an anti opiate drug that has similiar effects of the real opiate.Sure i’m off the real stuff like vicodins,percocets,ect….but now i’m on suboxone,and addicted to this as well!!!detox is’nt something for me.My body needs the drug.Does that make sence?

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Are you in a recovery program? Do you seek regular therapy?

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In therapy sessions frequently.

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Have you expressed this concern? It does seem from my limited knowledge, that to use this drug therapy properly you will be on it for a period of time. Then will be weened off.

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Well you’re right about that.I am in therapy but just recently had a death in the family and subsequently had a relapsed from that death.I was taking 2 suboxones a day and it seemed to be helping but when dramatic issues arise,i really don’t know how to cope with such issues.But to get back to my question,you have answered it fairly well….so it’s really up to me and how well i go to therapy and how much i’d like to recieve help for my addictive traits?The problem i have is that i try to self help but thats not happening.Addiction is a very serious matter and if we all could understand it then we would’nt need doctors now would we?Thankyou so much for your valuable feed back.I appreciate that.

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It sounds to me like you actually need more therapy. Are you seeing a psychiatrist? Who else.

I think at minimum if you find your mind trailing to self help mode, it’s time for another visit. My suggestion would be weekly meetings with someone (even if it’s a therapist or a group) for a couple of months, then ween down to twice a month for another couple of months.

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They are supposed to titrate you off. Ask to be titrated off. It takes a long time. You can’t be getting it if your not under a dr’s care. But you have to be proactive. Go to all your groups, one on ones, get clean ua’s everytime. Some counselors are better than others. When you find a good one, work, work, work at it. They really can help you.

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