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How do I study geography?

Asked by Zone36 (416points) March 10th, 2011

There are SPECIFIC cities I have to study for a test. I want to input the cities (if possible applicable information as well) so they appear on a map.

Are there any programs or websites that could do this?
If possible I’d like a quiz option as well.

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What cities are you looking for? This site has quizzes for major world cities, but does not have a lot of smaller cities within a certain area. Hopefully it’s of some help to you.

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Sorry. That won’t cut it. I’m looking to input very specific cities. It’s really not specifically about the location of the city, but what is there as well.

I just thought it would be easier for me to remember if I could view the locations from west to east. I could kind of remember them in ‘order’ on the map.

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Approach it from the perspective of planning a vacation. Imagine that you have won a one-way ticket around the world, and have to visit x cities and send back 10 postcards from each city you visit. Each postcard is worth a $10,000 bonus at the end. How will you plan your trip, and what will the postcards be of?

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Try the old-fashioned way.

Sketch a map of the world on a large piece of paper. Pencil in the cities that you are studying about. Put pertinent info for each city on a post-it. Stick on map under city’s name.

Look at your map from right to left, which should be from west to east.

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Hmmm not a bad ideas (Biil and gail). It’ll be one expensive trip. I have to look at 200+ cities.

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@Zone36 if you’re not confident in your artistic ability, you can substitute tracing paper in @gailcalled‘s post. That’s how I finally learned my way around Europe – borders, cities, roads, rivers, all in various colors of pencil.

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Try google maps if you want to find cities. As long as you know the general location, like what country or continent its on, its easy to find.

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