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What is the hardest class to adjust to as a college freshmen?

Asked by vanausdr (146points) March 10th, 2010

I’m just curious.

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The senior class.

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It really depends on what your strong suits are in terms of areas of knowledge. I would say that the larger (200+ students) classes are more difficult because it is often chaotic, and they tend to be “weed out” courses (they weed out the students that don’t work as hard, and so the profs tend to make exams extra hard). This is just my experience, it may differ from person to person and among different universities.

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Chemistry and Physics were adjustments because you are actually expected to know what you’re talking about, rather than reading a series of steps out of a lab manual. Novel concept!

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Real studying.

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The one that makes you think, analyze, and articulate. I hope you have one like that.

Make it “freshman” in the singular. “Freshmen” is plural.

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Philosophy. I had never been encouraged to do that much thinking instead of memorizing.

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The one that starts at 8:00 a.m. on a Monday morning!

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Psht. I used to take swimming at 7:30 am. It was cold!

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The hard part is that your grade is compiled from a midterm and final*. In high school it was mostly homework so you could screw up a few times and still walk away with good grade. In college your grade is determined by only a few things. In college you could get a 100% on the midterm and still fail the class if you botch the final.

*I know not all classes are like that. But a bunch are.

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Freshman calculus. It was a daily class, 2 lectures and three smaller sections, one every day. You had to keep up and stay with it every night.
I worked three nights and Saturdays and constantly found myself behind and bewildered.

I found a classmate who was willing to help me out after class once or twice a week and that helped get me through. I only got a C.

For Calculus two, I took a class with two double sessions and one single session that removed the need to keep up every single weeknight.

This was a long time ago before the age of computer-aided instruction. My son is a freshman and is able to go over problems by logging into his teacher’s home page.

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The upper-middle class.

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The Senior Class will be after your rear. its just common in most universities and colleges. they went through it, so now its your turn. just go along with the program and do not make waves. its just a tradition. it will soon pass and one day it will be your turn.

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I don’t remember an inordinate amount of seniors looking for ass play in my college.

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The first one. When you realize, “I don’t think I’m in High School anymore, Toto.”

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I am a high school senior and all of you are scaring the crap out of me. D:

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@Mariah It’ll be the best time of your life!!! I promise! All that high school clique crap will be behind you, and you’ll be gathering with groups of like minded people. It’ll be mind-expanding. :)

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Your first one in the morning, even seniors still have trouble with that one. Keggers only make it worse…but hell that is why you are in college!! Toga! Toga! Toga!....

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I found that it was the change of lifestyle that was difficult, not the classes.

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