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Do you get in arguments with you friends? If so does it lead to fights? Please explain the story.

Asked by Flutherfish (93points) March 10th, 2011

Do you get into arguments with your friends? Do you fight your friends because of your beliefs that the other person don’t believe in? What kinds of fights are they, and do you eventually get beat up or beat the other person up or resolve the conflict?

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No, we don’t really argue with each other, we may disagree on some points. I think we’re past the real arguing stage. We might have lively discussing, were we both (or a group of us) may all have differing opinions; however, it’s interesting and opens your eyes to other opinions and how they came to those stances on issues.

I’ve never been beat up by a friend. If you mean that in a literal way, as in a true fight.

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My friends and I will “argue” about some things, but it’s more debate than arguing. We’re long past the point where we’d argue to the point of getting angry. I’ve never been in a physical fight with a friend – they wouldn’t be much good as friends if we physically fought.

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I punch em’ in the head till they agree with me.

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@Vunessuh: Mental note to self: don’t disagree with @Vunessuh, or at least wear protective gear! ;P

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I only have one friend that I get into discussions/ arguments with sometimes and its always about politics because we have very different political views. Other than that we get along fine.

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Yes, I argue with my friends. Sometimes it even goes beyond ordinary debate and becomes a little heated. But it never becomes a fight because I have friends who understand how arguments work—or at least how rational arguments work.

They are rational people. They realize that arguments are rarely linear—that you often have to go back and clarify some past point or get stuck on something until you understand one another. More importantly, they want to understand what other people are trying to say.

If more people were interested in exchanging ideas rather than merely expectorating them, we’d all be a lot better off.

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