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Have you ever heard a phrase or word that just rubs you the wrong way?

Asked by Pandora (29769points) March 10th, 2011

I was sitting and watching a show when the character kept saying My Lady. He wasn’t a servant or anything like that. However I found I started to dislike this character more and more as he used those words. If I’m watching a period movie where it was common to hear those words than it doesn’t bug me but it bugged me to no end in this comedy. I don’t know why.
What word bugs you so much that you would rather hear nails across a chalk board? Do you know why it bugs you?

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“My bad”
“speaking truth to power”

1. Just don’t.
2. Sounds insincere.
3. What tha flyin’ fuck does that even mean?

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“Going forward”. Used in place of “from now on”.

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Where it’s at.
My bad
it was too big of a deal
Hopefully (as a substitute for “I hope.”)
I should of left.

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Literally (when attempting to say virtually, not literally)
I could care less (when attempting to say I could not care less)

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I can’t stand when someone closes a sentence or paragraph with “just sayin’.”
It’s a cheap way to try and get away with usually being rude and/or offensive. As if just sayin’ it makes everything okay.

Uh, no. You’re still an asshole, asshole. Just sayin’.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard LMAO. I love number 3 and totally agree with all of them. Still LOL. Thanks. :)

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@Vunessuh, I know where your coming from, Just sayin, is all. LOL

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Sounds like a 60’s peace rally.

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I hate “bro” too. I was in a fraternity but hated it when some of the guys used that term. Call me “brother” or “buddy”, but “bro” sounds so insincere and slimy.

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Written phrase “Could Of”, or“Would Of”. SHIT!! THAT DRIVES ME NUTS!!!!!
There is a new phrase now that I’m still out on. It’s “I know, right?” I kinda like it, but I’m not sure. What does the Fluther Jury have to say about it?

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@Dutchess_III Omg, I know, right? I hate that phrase.

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“At the end of the day, bottom line, it’s a game changer” oh, and “twenty four seven.”

All of those grate on my nerves.

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At this point in time. (You mean “now”?)

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@Vunessuh, I just kinda clocked a new user in PM on it…I hope she stays! I was nice and stuff…

Oh…”.....tops!” Like, “It’ll cost 50 bucks, tops!” or “It’ll take ten minutes, tops!”

@gailcalled Hi. I need a Mom right now…..

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@Dutchess_III: At your service, ducks. But hurry. I am on my way to bed.

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White Trash. I know what it is meant to indicate, but what it implies is disturbing; like make nurse or child star.

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It’s an absurdly stupid comment which implies that someone ELSE is stupid.

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… I meant to say “male nurse.”

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Shut the Fuck Up!!!
My daughter says that when surprised with something. I immediately stop talking. Of course, she wants to hear more, but I’ve been told.
This also goes for its retarded step-sister: Shut the front door.

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@Dutchess_III I am on the fence with that phrase as well.
I could say do you understand my position on this topic or do you get where I am coming from. But the first is condenscending and the second one just bugs me.

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Oh God, I could go on and on. Here are just a few of my top least-favorite:

spiritual – the vaguest of vague terms to describe any kind of vague quasi-religious beliefs
open-minded – most of the time, “be more open-minded” means “agree with me more often”
proactive – I don’t even know why this one bothers me; it’s just…irritating…
eco-friendly – it’s corny, but that’s not to say I disagree with being “eco-friendly”. I just wish there was a better word for it…
dope – I can’t really explain it. It’s just annoying.
straight-acting – if you’re not having sex with women, my gay friend, you’re not “straight-acting”. Get over it.
bro – the fact that the stereotypes about the usage of this word are true is part of why I hate it.
utilize – the so-called “smart alternative” to “use” when most of the time, its “utilization” is unnecessary.
uber – the “cool” version of “super” or “very”. Come on
Tweet – Everything about Twitter annoys me, but especially this word. Weren’t they trying to add it to the dictionary in the context of Twitter? What’s next? “Twittersphere”?!

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” But I digress” People who use that phrase talk way too much, in fact they are probably comforted by the sound of their own voice. ~or….“let’s do this!”, like they are acting gung- ho about something. ~or, the term” assault weapon” when it’s used to drum up hysteria among the ignorant. Shit, I could go on and on but tonight I’m on a different computer and it feels wonky. Wonky…can’t say that word impresses me either. OK, now I’m done.

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“It’s out of my hands.” I really cringe when someone says that. I always want to say “Well, why did you let go?”

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@DominicX I think proactive is annoying because it just means basically, do something. Indicating that you are sitting and doing nothing. Ok, if that is what you are doing but not ok if you are doing everything you can and someone comes along and says you need to be more proactive. Oh, I was beginning to think I was the only one who hates tweeting and tweeters.
Pick up the damn phone and call someone. Someone who actually would care about your minute to minute rants. Like Charlie Sheen. God, if the media mentions him one more time I may suddenly vomit. Figures he would be a tweeter.

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I have a short list of phrases (—a long list of words, but I’ll go with the phrases.)

Think outside of the box AGH. Overused. Don’t every use it again.
It is what it is It is another one that is overused.

@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Love the list, your response to number is is great.
@DominicX I did use open-minded today. I promise, it wasn’t as you stated. Proactive falls into that, “Think outside of the box” phrase. Both the phrase and that words were so overused in the workplace, I can’t stand either. It’s like an involuntary movement, my eyes just start to roll.

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Well I’m going to bed. Thank you all for your responses. They have been most amusing. Continue on with the list. I will like to have something new to laugh about tomorrow. I would be curious about any guesses as to why I hate My Lady.

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It’s nippy outside today

It’s like fingernails on the blackboard of my soul

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“Average American/citizen/woman/man/person.” There’s no such thing. This especially bothers me when used in a scientific study. If it’s so scientific, then they should be able to describe the population better than “average.”

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Now come on, I am a spiritual person who is mostly open-minded but I don’t like to be reactive when it comes to moving forward on the environment and climate change. Instead, we should all be pro-active and especially about things that are not eco-friendly. Sometimes Bros, you just have to be straight talking, tell it like it is and utilise whatever is at hand. We should dialogue more about these issues and think outside the box and come up with synergies that allow us to live the dream and act accordingly. Moving forward we all want to be uber cool and not act like dopes. I might even tweet about some of these ideas. Just sayin’

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My bad…..hello, are you 4yrs old?!
Whatever….said in an utterly arrogant bitch tone.
Ciao… one should say this unless of course they happen to be Italian.
So sorry for your loss…..controversial it may be, but something about those collection of words that doesn’t sit well with me.

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“I need to ‘drop’ ___ pounds”.

How are they going to “drop” it? Do they pull a leaver and it drops out their butt?

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“No problem,” when a sales clerk says it. I much rather hear, “Thanks for your business” or something like that.

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@ucme – I say “ciao” to my Italian-speaking friends and classmates, whether we’re speaking Italian at the time or not. I have a sneaking suspicion that might be okay, though.

@Austinlad – That bugs me too! If I say “thanks” when they hand me my change or at the end of a transaction, I don’t want to know that I wasn’t an inconvenience; I want to hear “you’re welcome”.

To those who hate “bro”: You know what’s worse than that? “Brah”.

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@Seelix Yeah, not what I meant at all.

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Make it so and engage – when not said by <<<<

Oh and @spa gets my vote for best phrase of the week: It’s nippy outside today
It’s like fingernails on the blackboard of my soul: classic.

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I had forgotten about the nouns made verbs.

To suicide
To journal
To exam

The adjectives that have lost all meaning.


The wise collection.

And my favorite, wise-wise

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“For realz?!” – Annoying

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There are many that are bothersome to me. Some have become loathesome:

On a going forward basis . . . (isn’t everything gonig forward, or have some been able to change the past) and really, that is far too many words to describe nothing

At the end of the day . . . (oh my, this has gotten really tiresome)

No way! . . . (this has become trite and has always sounded very crude to me)

Great . . . (said with complete indifference that conveys, “I could hardly listen to what you said, let alone appreciate it.)

Cool . . . (alas, the defining “cool” word of my generation has become as meaningless as the ever-popular “awesome”)

And I concur with everything listed above!

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isn’t @gailcalled just amazing – and i especially like her nickname, called as a noun.

I like No way – but dislike the reply way.

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I hate it when males refer to other men that they admire as “beasts”. I mean, I get the implied meaning there, but there’s just something so gross about using that word, for some reason. Or when someone says, “That car is so beastly!” No, it’s an inanimate object, not like an animal at all!

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@seazen (My username is noun + verb and is a pun on my real name, as I have mentioned many times before)

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@gailcalled oh i know – i was being facetious. but one word gailcalled as a nickname is, nonetheless, a noun of sorts.

seazen_'s avatar


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“I haven’t seen you in a minute!” – By minute, they mean many days. Seriously, a minute is not even CLOSE to days.

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@erichw1504 BRB – in a second.

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“What’s up brah?” – Saying bro is just fine, but calling your fellow man-friend an over the should boulder holder is just down right odd.

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@Seelix, I have to agree with Brah, all the way. When my son went to the University of Hawaii, he came home saying Brah, all the time. It irritated my daughter and myself that everytime he said it we would stop talking to him. He learned to drop it after a few weeks of ignoring him. It made me so sad.

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The only word that truly bothers me is “like” when it is used out of context, which is like all the time.

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@Pandora Which is the sad part; he stopped eventually. Had he not stopped, that would have been sad. Actually, if someone tried to control how I spoke and what I said – I would stop speaking with them. Like, totally stop. @tranquilsea ;-)

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Nome Sane? (Do you know what I’m saying?) said by young men after every other sentence that they utter.

The current use of the word really? (even though I have to admit that it is very effective, but I’m just so sick of hearing it everywhere.)

The word “juxtoposition” which is over used by artists and art critics and other people that love to throw around $10 words without actually clarifying anything they’ve said. I used to work with a woman who’s typical sentence in a staff meeting would be: “I’d just like to impart the informational systems about the infrastructural mannerisms of the political manifestations with regards to the juxtaposition of the form and generalized specifications of the transformational and requisitional neccesities of the oppositional standards.” This same woman would come to potlucks empty handed and stand over the trash can while scarfing down her overloaded plate of food, then leave without saying Happy Birthday to the person for whom the party was being thrown. Every time I hear the word “juxtaposition” I see her ugly mug.

It’s gone viral. (It’s supposed to mean something positive, but it sounds horrible.)

So and so is “testing” for a job. No he’s not, he’s taking a test to determine if he’s qualified for the job.

Pick your protein (which means, what kind of meat are you using in that recipe?)

No offense, but… (blah blah blah *&%$@#!)

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It annoys me when people “dialogue”. Can’t we just talk or speak….

I don’t mind ‘Make it So’, because I love Jean-Luc… and I can’t actually remember the last time I heard it. I mustn’t hang out with enough trekkies.

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Uh-oh. I use over half of these on a regular basis in everyday speech. Don’t hit me!

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@seazen_ Like I would never try to stop you from speaking. But I would lower my eyebrows depending on how you spoke….of course :-P

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@Kardamom I laughed through my nose at Nome Sane – when it finally hit me what you were saying… very funny!!! And true dat too.

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@seazen_ What was sad was that his dad and I were both working hard to help him go to the college of his choice and instead of getting a kid back with a wealth of information back, I get a kid who lost the ability to speak proper. You know brah? That is just sad. Luckily we were able to undo college, but not undo the damage to our wallet at the time. :(

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“but” and “hopefully” especially hopefully amongst sports athletes, it is sure sign of resignment
Lastly, if I here “basically” one more time I going to scream-my 19 year old says it all the time, this will have to be corrected.
I said “wild hair up my ass”, and it made my friend quite annoyed, or lets say angry; and, I can see why now-it is so juvenile and such a gross expression I wonder how it could still be stuck in my brain plasticity.

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@Pandora I see. Thanks.

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@Garebo: (resignment… might you mean resignation?)

What is so objectionable about “but”?

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it is my little quirk, it induces lack of resolve to the listener.
It’s kind of a “red flag”, (another one), she does deserve a GQ.
I am certainly not exempt, but I still hate the word.
“Do. you feel the same, or do you like it, if your friend asks you tomorrow lets go to the Ritz for lunch, but I do have…. I’ll let you know”
Doesn’t it bother you? To me it means don’t count on it.

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“Obama is black” As if his mom wasn’t white.
“Big Goverment” As if America is a small country.
“Team Edward or Team Jacob” Sorry I’m old and saw the movies only because I love vampires and werewolves and they’ve got them both. In all three movies the only 5 second scene I really find satisfying is when Edward spins, twists the character played by Ron Howard’s daughter, bites off a chunk of her neck reducing her to stone and dust! Whoa! ( “Whoa” rubs me the wrong way too )

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LOL, Love your choices. Good one about Big Government. I have a friend who is always complaining about big government and then gets pissed off when there are cut backs in Social Security or other aides for the elderly or other services that require some government worker to help out but they are understaffed and overworked.
Now as for big government in some places, that may well exist. I just got back from Puerto Rico which is only an island 100 miles long by 35 miles and they have 78 mayors. Connecticut is a bit larger and manages fine with one Mayor. I would say that 78 mayors is a bit excessive.

mazingerz88's avatar

That says a lot of good about the American mainland mentality in Connecticut having only one mayor versus Puerto Rico who has 78, though that is merely assumption as I do not know the facts explaining such glaring difference. America, to my perspective is a behemoth of a nation made up of more than 50 big “nations” unto itself. So big is such sub-nation that it has it’s own governor, a more tame position akin to president, leading his own sub-goverment. Now how would these sub-nations advance their causes, each being a piece of a great puzzle of grand opportunities? Fly their own separative flags?

I will go to my grave ever believing that the greatest achievement of Americans in the advancing of human dignity and decency was not exclusively in the pursuit of freedom nor happiness but the ability of realizing none of these dreams can be nurtured if UNION was not borne! Hence you have one GREAT FLAG hanging above others. And one goverment that is labeled BIG which equates to EVIL coming from the mouths who disparages it.

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@Pandora: In reference to Connecticut, surely you mean governors. Every city (for example, New Haven, Hartford, Stamford, Bridgeport, Torrington, Winston, Danbury,) has a mayor.

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“Two birds in one stone”. It’s useful, but poor birdies :( birds are my favorite animal, along with fish

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