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Why are all the frames in eyeglass ads fake?

Asked by hedgepig (21points) March 12th, 2011

You might not know this unless you work in optical, but nearly all the frames in eyeglass ads are fake. Basically they take a picture of your face and then add the frame later. Most of these ads are extremely well done, but with lesser known companies it becomes embarrassingly obvious ( But it’s almost impossible to find info about this practice, which is odd because almost all frame companies do it.

So does anybody know where I can find info on this?

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Are the photos taken specifically for eyewear ads, or do the optical companies buy them? Unless it’s a huge optical company that can afford its own photo shoots, I can see how purchasing, then digitally altering, photos would be more affordable for smaller companies.

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I do not have a reference, but here is my answer.

First, most eyeglass commercials do not have lenses in them, because of glare and mirror-finish, that captures movement behind the camera man. They add in lenses and frames later. Thanks to the computer, all is needed is pretty face and the rest is accomplished with the use of a computer. It saves money and is much faster.

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Everything in ads is fake… it’‘s just the way it is…. ; )

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As one who has written and produced ads for decades, I can assure @Queenie that not everything in them is fake. Ad content (text and graphics) are often enhanced to make the product sound and look as good as possible, but this does not necessarily it’s false.

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You can re-use the model’s photos as your inventory changes, No need to re-shoot as styles and brands come and go.

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