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You're between exits on the interstate and you gotta pee. What do you do?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) March 12th, 2011

My doctor has me taking a 20 mg. water pill each morning. It hits me about 30 minutes later, always in a bad location. You are in the same situation. Question: you are on the interstate and have to go….bad! The road ahead is blocked because of a wreck and your eyeballs are floating. What do you do to relieve yourself? Run into the woods? Use a cup or just suffer?

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You’re a boy. Can you just use an empty Snapple bottle or something?

As a girl, that’s not as easy for me.

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I love walks in the woods!! :)

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I carry a empty 2L washer fluid bottle in my car…..just in case.

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Laureth, you are correct.

Lucy, I, too love walks in the woods, especially when I gotta go.

Coffenut, I hope you have a lid for that p-bottle.

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I’d just pull off the road and find a tree to squat behind. Would you really get in trouble if the cops saw you? An emergency is an emergency.

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They make things for this problem, Most auto-supply stores have them. They’re designed to…uh…receive the waste and can be sealed off and discarded later. Not a bad thing to have in the car for an emergency…

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Caution! Some poor guy in Indiana was charged with a sex offense because he pulled off the road and ran behind a tree. He was seen by a passing motorist who called the police. (Why they responded to this nonsense, I don’t know) . The officer tracked down the car, asked the “perp” if he had done it. He readily admitted to it. He was post prostate surgery and had very little control. “Did you pull it out of your pants?” “Sure I didn’t want to wet myself.” In Indiana that is considered indecent exposure which is a sex offense. What a sad waste of government resources.
I’m sure someone can find this case with a little googling.

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Seeibc, personal relief is bound by mother nature and this is not a law violation.

Worriedguy, I would bet my badge this guys case was dismissed. I stopped a truck for illegaly hauling wood pallets. He jumped out his truck and immediately began peeing on his truck. He was very apologetic. He stated his doctor put him on water pills. We were in a isolated area, so I understood and did not charge him with indecent exposure. Common sense has to prevail in some cases and this was one of them.

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Just pull over and pee I say! When I went to Germany and bussed down the Autobahn,,,I was astonished to see car after car pulled over and moms, dads, kids drop trow and do what nature demands right there on the side of the road. No hiding behind car doors or blankies. I said to myself…“how cool is that!”

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@john65pennington I just did a little search. According to an article in the Economist 13 states require registration as a SO for urinating in public. Incredible.

Here is an excerpt:
“Many people assume that anyone listed on a sex-offender registry must be a rapist or a child molester. But most states spread the net much more widely. A report by Sarah Tofte of Human Rights Watch, a pressure group, found that at least five states required men to register if they were caught visiting prostitutes. At least 13 required it for urinating in public (in two of which, only if a child was present). No fewer than 29 states required registration for teenagers who had consensual sex with another teenager.

My advice is carry a pee can. There are too many crazies out there.

My family personally knows a guy (in NY) who is now on the list because he had consensual sex with his girlfriend 10 days before her 17th birthday. He was over 21. What a waste.

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Wow. That’s ridiculous, @worriedguy. I wonder how likely it is for a woman to be charged for public urination as compared to a man, especially in those 13 states.

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@worriedguy safer to stand outside your car and pee your pants….lol

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sounds like a nighmare…

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I am so astonished as to how much of a big deal some pigheads make out of this… I mean a guy has to pee , for crying out LOUD!
It’s not like they’re doing any harm, when you gotta go, you gotta go…
Anyways, to answer your Q, I’d say keep a bottle with a lid ; )
or just go and do your damn business and f*** what anyone has to say or do about it.

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This was a serious concern for me 1½ years ago when I had my prostate removed. I had to wear pee pads incontinence protection for a few weeks. I would be hit with sudden urges – like holding back Niagara falls. I hated to leave the house for fear that I would suddenly need to go. Yuk.
thanks goodness that is done. But there are plenty of poor guys not so lucky.

In case any of you XX chromosome holders not familiar with the physiology, in men, if you are aroused, you can’t pee. Conversely if you are peeing, you can’t be aroused. Our plumbing simply does not allow it. (OK, I’ll concede in rare cases the guy might be able to squeak something out if it is a morning erection on a cold day.) I simply can’t understand how public urination can be considered a sex offense. But in 13 states it is.
Hey, what do I know? (I didn’t know about the heal of a sling back shoe either. )

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Pull over & piss up a tree. Hopefully no randy bears are within sniffing distance, now that would be a bummer :¬(

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Pee into an empty Snapple bottle. (Or in my case, bust out one of those cones for women that allows them to pee like boys, and THEN pee in the bottle.)

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There are both male and female plastic portable urinals.

One source.

If you prefer unisex, this

I got caught in a huge traffic jam on my way to Cape Cod, plus crowding over the bridge and highway repairs to one lane. So now I keep one of these gadgets in my car.

The sides of the road were covered with low scrub and sand. Nowhere to hide> I thought I was going to burst

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@ladymia69: Ah, but mine is washable and thus reusable.

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Do you have a sunroof in your car?

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@ratboy…don’t like where this is going Lol…

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I carry an old anti-freeze bottle with me. Drip and dump. Now, for twosies, you be on your own there.

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Gailcalled, I went to that site. Thanks.

So, Johnny can flow, while on the go…thats cool. I have often wondered if truck drivers use of these devices?

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@john2020md: There are, as evinced by several answers above yours.

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I have a friend who was walking thru a cemetary with me, when she suddenly disappeared. A minute later, she reappeared, explaining that nature called.
Several days later, she confided in me that the unannounced trip resulted in her getting a bad case of poison oak. Yup.

Yes, the same friend I have written about in several other posts recently…

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Ever since residency, I have the bladder of a camel. The issue hasn’t come up for me (yet). :-)

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It would be dangerous if not stupid to try to hold it in

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If you gotta pee behind a tree, make sure there aren’t any train tracks nearby. When I was a wee lassie, I had to pee and there was nothing but fields and fields of corn between Point A and Point B, so I pulled over into an abandoned church parking lot, ran down a hill and behind a tree. I was as isolated as I could possibly be letting out Niagara Falls, until… mid-squat… chugga-chugga, chugga-chugga- choo-choo, here comes a freight train. The nice engineer gave me a wave. I remember thinking that I couldn’t run, or I’d mess up my clothes.
SO, when you gotta go, go, but check for train tracks, poison oak and crazies.

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