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Whats your dream business, if you could open your own?

Asked by robdamel (791points) March 12th, 2011

If you could have any successful business that would make you a fortune, what would it be?

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I would like a gallery/studio by the sea. :)

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A dream business? I think I’d specialize in flying dreams. And lucid dreams. And wet dreams. I bet wet dreams would be a cash cow mare.

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Independant video store.

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I would love to run an educational academy for children, with a staff of 1 facilitator for every 5 children.

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A small movie theater that shows nothing but classic movies and holds discussion groups.

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Comic Book Store. Assuming I could make enough to live on, I’d run a rocking comic book store.

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First: name the company “Life.”.

Second: buy the rights to oxygen.

Third: sell it.

Fourth: replicate a scene similar to that of Scrooge McDuck diving in gold.

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A marina with a coffee shop that served only fresh brewed coffee and grilled cheese sandwiches and had an art gallery with a front porch that had 20 rocking chairs over looking the bay!

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@Cruiser Sounds like you have it all planned out. The 20 rocking chairs on a porch definitely reminds me of any Cracker Barrel ever so you might want to make sure they haven’t patented putting a lot of rocking chairs on a porch!

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hahah awesome answers.

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A home audio store :)

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I’d love to have a used bookstore that would buy and sell. I’ve always wanted one.

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For years I’ve dreamed of devoting myself to designing, creating, and building art/furniture/home accessories – mostly from items that already exist, so in an environmentally friendly way – and then writing about it, too. I even have a name picked out. One of these days…

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I would be Buckaroo Banzai.
Or else a job reviewing college courses. I’d audit a course, and then write about it. I could even get student workers to help out – ten bucks for a thoughtful description of the course, the material, the professor, and the presentation (no actual information about tests, etc. though).
Failing that, an all-purpose writer. Failing that, well, some companies have taken to hiring people to sit in a room all day and think up stuff.

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A bookshop where you can buy chocolate (in many forms), coffee, cake and I am not sure how this would work but cheese… and sit and read books, drink coffee, eat cake .. have a ploughman’s lunch perhaps… with a lovely view.

I love books… Perhaps I should think of something beginning with A and it could be the A, B, C, book store.

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@Nullo haha, is there a name for a job like that? Where you sit and and think stuff?
Sounds likw a job i’d like.

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@robdamel You could call it pretty much anything you feel like. Once upon a time, the job came with a lab and we called it “invention;” it’s that, only you leave the 99% perspiration to other people.

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funny how many of us (myself included) want to run some style of bookstore while in real life printed books are quickly becoming dinosaurs, brick n’ mortar bookstores are closing (Borders) and electronic book sales (and eReaders) are selling like hotcakes.

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Porno baron! I would of course feel duty bound to “test” the merchandise prior to retail release. Say about three… make that five girls a day. I have fabulous business acumen it’s true :¬)

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@cprevite Haha, good observation. Although I definitely want to know how it feels like to have all my books on an ipad, I think physical books carry a certain magic to them. It feels great to walk into a library and see that wonderful selection of books, and to love and cherish a book is easier if you can hold it. Hopefully, it does not become obsolete.

My dream business would probably be an online retail store, or a casino.

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I wish Ann Summers had been my idea.

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@2CDenzy My dream biz is an amalgamation of all the things that have made my life complete. I will have this in 14 years 11 months

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