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What does it mean when I dream about having a sleepover with the person I like?

Asked by hollisterchic687 (5points) March 13th, 2011

I’ve had dreams where me and the guy I like are having a sleepover for 3 or 4 days in a row, each of them are different, and it switched from his house to my house every night. I’m just not sure of what it means

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You already answered this in your question. It’s because you like him.

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Probably just means you really want a sleepover with this dude.

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Ummm, that you like him and are contemplating sleeping with him? Just a guess…

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1) you want to show off your new jammies.
2) you have not had a sleepover since the 2nd grade
3) you cant wait to show off your new areo-bed
4) you keep sliding out of the new silk/satin sheets and you need someone to hold onto
5) you are tired of the man pillow you got as a joke, but really liked.
6) you are craving wild monkey love with him

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And, the rocket science award goes to @blueiiznh

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You’ve been thinking about him and possess a functioning mammalian sleep pattern.

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I agree.. It was probably that yankee bean soup you ate that night.. you know the one where that little white bean that stood out looked just like the dude from a distance then you went to bed with that bean on your mind.

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