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What is the difference between posting on my wall and posting on a friend's wall?

Asked by victord66 (201points) March 13th, 2011

If I post to my wall, all my friends can see it (at least all of those who subscribe to my wall see it). If I post to a friend’s wall, all of their friends see it.

What is the difference? Why would I post to my wall instead of posting to a friend’s wall?

Secondly, is there a way to know who reads/subscribes to the posts on my wall?

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Theoretically, anyone on your friends list “subscribes” to your wall posts, unless they’ve blocked updates from you. Whether they’ll see it could depend on a few factors: how often you post, how often they check their news feed, how many other friends they have, and probably others that I don’t know about.

If you have a message for a specific friend, post on their wall. If you want to share a link or a photo with everyone on your friends list, post it on your wall. If you have some text that you want to share with everyone, and it’s short, put it in a status update. If it’s long, put it in a note. You can tag people on your friends list in a note, so if there’s someone in particular (or a group of someones) that you want to see it, tag ‘em and they’ll see it for sure.

I don’t think there’s a way to tell whether someone has blocked your updates in their news feed.

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Updates about you and your life should be posted on your own wall. Comments to a friend or greetings should be posted on their wall.

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Normally people put their status updates on their wall an conversations with friends go on the friend’s wall. Why would you put that you had a great day on your friend’s wall? Or why would you write something to that friend on your own wall and hope they see it?

If your FB friends are anything like me, they don’t read every single thing you put on your page. If you put it on their page, they’ll definitely see it.

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Thanks Seelix. You mention this: “If you have some text that you want to share with everyone, and it’s short, put it in a status update. If it’s long, put it in a note.”

I see where you can put it in a status update, but where do I “put it in a note”. Or do you mean send an email message?

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@victord66 You can see a link to post notes if you click “more” below your list of apps on the left toolbar of the homepage.

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@Fly said what I was gonna say :)

The note that you publish will be linked to from your profile, and if you tag people in the note, they’ll get a notification of that. It would be accessible to all of your friends, though, so if it’s something private, best to send a private message directly to your recipient (on their page, you can click “send message” in the upper right-hand corner). Private messages can be sent to more than one person, as well.

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If you want to be sure a particular friend sees your post, if you are basically speaking to them, then post on their wall. If you post it on your wall, the person you really want to read it might never see it. When I go on facebook, I just see what is there on the page in front of me, I don’t go back to the last thing I read. It’s like a float running down the rapids of a river…if I don’t go to the edge of the river at the moment your float passes me, I will never see the float. If you post on my wall, I’ll get a notification, and know to check what you wrote to me.

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the differenc b/w posting on my and friends wall simply that if you are posting on your wall it appear on your wall and if you are posting on firends wall when your friend will be login he can see your post easily on his/her wall…in your case of posting your own wall your friend have to came on your wall to see it…hope you understand…

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