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How can I stop having really intense nightmares?

Asked by timeand_distance (1287points) July 6th, 2009

Every night for the past four nights I’ve continued to have the most bizarre, vivid nightmares/dreams, and I want it to stop. I’m not taking anything at the moment, so I know it’s not because of excess serotonin. I thought it was because I was taking melatonin, but I didn’t take any last night and I still had another fucked up dream.

Is there anything I can do?

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Stop thinking about the dreams , don’t eat cheese before bed . Take the dream and make it real life, see if that helps .

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what are they about?

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just think of me

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@sandystrachan stop eating cheese?

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I love nightmares after I am awake they are like free horror movies. Nobody really gets hurt and you get to be in them. I rarely get them my last one was about a month ago and before that it had been six years.

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You might be attacked by demonic spirits, I’d ask God to send His protection to fight whatever harms you.

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I’d say stop eating anything at all before bed. 2 hours before.

It may help to start a bedtime wind-down routine. Get all ready (brush teeth, comfy pjs) then sit in your cozy bed and meditate. You can even listen to some peaceful music. You don’t really want to play your favorite music because the idea is to focus and not be bouncing along with the Jonas Brothers or Led Zepplin or whatever. Pick something with no words; maybe even play nature sounds if that’s your thing. Concentrate on one item or idea. It helps to have a picture at first… something like a flower or a bird or the moon. Sometimes I think about a boat going down a stream and I try to keep that boat centered instead of bumping into the bank. That was the best image suggested to me.

This can help by calming your mind in case there are any personal demons that you’re fighting in your dreams, and replacing them with more pleasant and peaceful thoughts.

Good luck!

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@greeny Yeah, cheese apparently has an ingredient that reacts with the brain causing you to over think..or something.


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I think some people are genetically predisposed to having vivid dreams/nightmares.

ALL the women in my family, regardless of diet or health, have vivid/disturbing nightmares very often. My mom gets about 1 week while I always dream every night and it’s always vivid. Sometimes it’s so disturbing that I don’t want to sleep for a while.

It used to bother me but now I don’t mind.

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I don’t think the problem is with your dreaming. When you get right down to it, ALL of our dreams are bizarre, vivid, etc. My question is, why are you remembering them? I find that if I am awakened shortly before the alarm clock goes off, then I go back to sleep, when the alarm DOES go off, I REMEMBER that dream.

Are you being awakened for some reason? You MAY be, but, since you go right back to sleep, you don’t realize it? Do you have a pet that might be waking you? I do. Three cats.

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Is there something in your life that’s causing you a lot of anxiety right now?

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So odd, I was just wondering the same thing right before I started fluthering. Mine aren’t so much nightmares, just unpleasant and keep me very restless. I don’t feel rested at all when I wake up in the morning because I wake up so much throughout the night!!

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@Nikipedia has it right, as usual. Look at the emotions that the nightmare engenders and forget about the narrative detail. Then check out what’s happening when you are awake.

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Stop watching scary movies. Either that, or you are ignoring something in your life that should not be ignored.

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@nikipedia mmm, not really? im on vacation and im with my boyfriend, so i’m pretty damn content.

@lynneblundell like, really horrible things. think if tim burton did a movie about pedophilic rape, and you’d have the dream i had two nights ago.

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There may be long-term issues completely unrelated to you and bf.

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If you’re a girl, I’d take a pregnancy test. I have crazy ass dreams when pregnant.

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I would like to know what your dreams have been. By telling them, you might just clear it up.

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I have had vivid dreams since I can remember. It runs in my family, my mom and two sisters also have very vivid dreams. I understand how horrible they can be. I learned to embrace my “other world” as I call it. Not everyone can experience a whole new life while they are sleeping. Although some dreams are unbearable, none of them are real. By embracing the dreams, you can also learn to manipulate them. I ran out of ammunition once in a battle during the end of the world, and I realized that it was my dream and I could do what I want, so I reached into my pocket and pulled out two automatic guns and won the battle!!

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that is wikid

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haha I’m the same way as you. I really do believe that having vivid dreams runs in families. I too realize I’m dreaming when I dream and boy it’s fun!

Hey, quick question…does your “dream world” remain consistent throughout your life? The places that I dream about don’t exist in the real world or resemble anything I know but I keep seeing them in new dreams.

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@seekingwolf Yes my dream world has remained pretty consistent. Of course I dream about a lot of things, and I’m not always with the same person or at the same place, but there is a specific house that is mine a lot and I have never seen it before in real life. I also have a boyfriend that pops up very often. I’ve never met him in real life, but see him a few times a month in my dreams. The end of the world theme tends to also be recurring. Oh and I fly, that is a constant!

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I love having crazy vivid dreams. I say embrace your imagination and work with it.

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Don’t eat or drink anything before bed except perhaps some water. When you go to sleep, try not to lie awake thinking about things, even if it’s something that’s been going on all day. There’s nothing you can do about it at the moment. Just lie there, relax all your muscles, and try to not have any crazy emotions going through your head. It might help to listen to some soothing music. Making a playlist of soothing, calm, peaceful music with no words or lyrics on your iPod or MP3 could help. Also, thinking “I will not have a bad dream.” usually helps, as dreams quite often base themselves on small things that happen in your day, tiny figments of things that are on your mind but hardly there, that you don’t notice or realize their on your mind, or you don’t think much about them, until you go to sleep. If you just watched a scary movie, or read a rather active chapter in a book, try thinking ” I will not dream about this.” Dreams don’t often tend to be about the big things on your mind, normally the small things. Check your mattress or pillow. Are they really old and need to be replaced? Check up on this. Of course it might just be that you have a wild imagination, and this is a side of you that likes to show itself in your dreams. Dreams can seem pretty real sometimes, sometimes scary. Don’t let your life revolve around them. Keep your daytime thoughts and dream thoughts separate. Don’t think about night time all through the day, don’t dread it. Seeing a therapist might help. (No, this does not mean that you are crazy!) They could help you sort out what’s going on in your head through out the day that makes you dread nighttime, and figure out what’s making you have these dreams. Hope this helps!

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try to become lucid during these dreams and take control – face your fears and overcome them – record all of your progress. attention to detail

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Stronger drugs, more alcohol. Valium is great because you can’t remember anything that went on while it was active in your system. Too bad the shit is addictive…

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your lucky you cant feel it. in all my nightmares I feel every prick and bump. sometimes I’m getting stabbed and I have to go through that. it really sucks.

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I’m like that too…but it was worse for me when I was in a difficult or uncomfortable situation. I don’t know what to do about it honestly.

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One thing that I think helps is try falling asleep in different position. Sleep on diff side of body, or on your back, or on your stomach. This can effect regional blood flow to brain in a way that changes/ stops dream content. Nothing wrong
with hypnotherapist, md’s, or counselor.

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If you stop taking the melatonin for just one night your still going to have residual effects. I would recommend not taking it for a while and see what happens. And try to realize that you’re in a dream and control it…it hard but then you can manipulate your dreams to not be so fucked up.

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was there an event that occured that gave you bad experiences? such as a scary movie, something you regretted, something horrible you went through? are you thinking about bad things, experiences bad, times, anything bad when you’re sleeping? if so i recommend you to stop, and think of good things that happened in the past day or today, or whenever, think the opposite of bad when you’re about too sleep, its a method passed down from my mom and now passed down too you=).

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Do something strange before going to bed. Break the cycle of repetition. Set your alarm for the time you usually wake up after having the nightmare. As you go back to sleep, start visualizing the dream where you left off, but change the events and the dream itself.

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please help me iam having bad dreams something that happened was about 12 iam 48 i dont know where he is now please help me make them stop what can i do? iam a addict been clean 10 yrs now

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Eat something sweet before going to bed.

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