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What would you do? How would you react; personally and politically?

Asked by seazen_ (4801points) March 13th, 2011

A family of 5 including a month old baby (!) – what would you do? How do you think the CIA et all should treat terrorist murderers like Bin Laden and his ilk?

Chill Feds, I’m on your side. Ignore the tags.


I put the CNN link because they are as left wing and useless and probably consensus here as can be.

In reality – Japan is taking up all the headlines – but this family of five, inlcuding three little cildren one of which is a month old baby girl – were butchered in their parents arms. Literally with a knife.

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If you want I can give you a hundred or more links about Palestinian kids killed by the Israeli military. Would that make it better?

Pretending the conflict is one-sided is willful blindness or childish tribalism.

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I am trying to find an acceptable reaction, and I can’t . The crime is too horrendous. Nothing can be done to bring the family back, and no retrobution is severe enough to stop further retrobution. I am sure the terrorists would love a full scale assault on all the muslims in the area, to prod the other nations into war with Israel.
What would I do? I would create a small group of mercenaries to go and kill a thousand for every Israeli killed. Have the group be independant of the Jewish State, so that Israel could renounce them publicly. It would be the only way to send a message that this shit don’t fly.
But that is what I would do, and certainly not the correct thing to do.

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@jaytkay I lurved you for replying – but you are missing the point and worse, know me not. Read what I wrote and the link and topics – and my other 1000 questions and 10,000 posts. I am a pacifist and want a Palestinian State including Jerusalem in the 67 border. Post again, something worth discussing or risk flag.

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The crime was obviously vicious and despicable, and the perpetrators should be caught and tried for it. There’s no question about that. Whatever the parents may have done or been involved in, and even if they had recruited their juvenile children in some activity that the attackers (obviously) condemned, there is no excuse for executing them in this manner as well as a four-month-old (not one month, though it’s a quibbling detail) infant.

But there are all kinds of questions about who is leading the political decision to call this a terror attack and suppress any evidence about how that is known. I always suspect those who want to inflame passions against any person or group of people prior to a fair trial and conviction.

Some of those ‘quibbling details’ can be important in determining motive as well as who did it.

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Read the question and details – what would you do? How would you react? Bin Laden…

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OK. Simple answer. Find the perpetrator(s) and hold a trial, that’s how I would react.

I would not react with collective punishment, which is unjust, immoral and illegal.

PS The settlement where the victims lived is illegal and acknowledged as such by all but one country on Earth.

Too bad for the pawns who live there and shame on those who support the encroachment.

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My reaction is you don’t put out fire by pouring more gasoline on it. But government all around the world generally operates by the maxim, Never let a perfectly good crisis go to waste.

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I am horrified, appalled and will never understand the killing of innocents especially children in any situation. Fucked up big time. I hate that moments like these now become political footballs to champion actions that should have taken place in the first place. The fact that people have to die before people take notice and the right thing is done just doesn’t compute with the Cruiser.

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I abhor violence in all forms. The perpetrators should be found, arrested and trialled according the laws of the district.

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I really don’t know what could be done that would fit the horrendous killings. It is difficult for me to comprehend that there are so many people willing, and sometimes eager, to do things like this, and worse. I just think they should die. They serve no justifiable purpose in this world. This is my opinion, you are free to disagree, but I will not argue or debate it.

Bin Laden needs to be found and destroyed. I don’t give a damn about a trial. This statement and the one above are not typical of me. I am unable to believe he cannot be located.

I am sick to my stomach thinking of the three remaining children who saw their family like that.

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Mohammed Nabil Taha, an 11-year-old Palestinian boy, died this week at the entrance to a Lebanese hospital after doctors refused to help him because his family could not afford to pay for medical treatment.
The tragic case of Taha highlights the plight of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who live in impoverished refugee camps in Lebanon and who are the victims of an Apartheid system that denies them access to work, education and medical care.
Ironically, the boy’s death at the entrance to the hospital coincided with Israel Apartheid Week, a festival of hatred and incitement organized by anti-Israel activists on university campuses in the US, Canada and other countries.
It is highly unlikely that the folks behind the festival have heard about the case of Taha. Judging from past experiences, it is also highly unlikely that they would publicize the case after they heard about it.
Why should anyone care about a Palestinian boy who is denied medical treatment by an Arab hospital? This is a story that does not have an anti-Israel angle to it.
Can anyone imagine what would have happened if an Israeli hospital had abandoned a boy to die in its parking lot because his father did not have $1,500 to pay for his treatment?
The UN Security Council would hold an emergency session and Israel would be strongly condemned and held responsible for the death of the boy.
All this is happening at a time when tens of thousands of Palestinian patients continue to benefit from treatments in Israeli hospitals.
Last year alone, some 180,000 Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza Strip entered Israel to receive medical treatment. Many were treated despite the fact that they did not have enough money to cover the bill. In Israel, even a suicide bomber who is—only!—wounded while trying to kill Jews is entitled to the finest medical treatment. And there have been many instances where Palestinians who were injured in attacks on Israel later ended up in some of Israel’s best hospitals.
Lebanon, by the way, is not the only Arab country that officially applies Apartheid laws against Palestinians, denying them the right to receive proper medical treatment and own property.
Just last week it was announced that a medical center in Jordan has decided to stop treating Palestinian cancer patients because the Palestinian Authority has failed to pay its debts to the center.
Other Arab countries have also been giving the Palestinians a very hard time when it comes to receiving medical treatment.
It is disgraceful that while Israel admits Palestinian patients to its hospitals, Arab hospitals are denying them medical treatment for various reasons, including money. But then one is reminded that Arab dictators do not care about their own people, so why should they pay attention to an 11-year-old boy who is dying at the entrance to a hospital because his father was not carrying $1,500?
But as the death took place in an Arab country – and as the victim is an Arab – why should anyone care about him? Where is the outcry against Arab Apartheid?

: Khaled Abu Toameh

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Mohammed Nabil Taha, an 11-year-old Palestinian boy, died this week at the entrance to a Lebanese hospital after doctors refused to help him because his family could not afford to pay for medical treatment.

And this is relevant to the original question because…?

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@jaytkay “These people who were brutally murdered are part of a religious group some members of which have also brutally murdered people. Therefore there deaths mean nothing! Also they live in an illegal settlement, which I’ll pretend makes it ok for them to be killed, even though if the races were reversed I’d be saying the exact opposite”strokes neckbeard, chugs mountain dew code red

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@syzygy2600 I’m not a neckbearded mountain dew drinker spouting your imaginary “quotes”. Don’t put words in my mouth. It’s dishonest.

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@syzygy2600 I see. There deaths mean nothing…

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You both make me a little bit ill. I have asked this question be removed.

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@seazen_ I think @syzygy2600 was (very inaccurately) trying to characterize my responses, not stating an opinion that the deaths did not matter.

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You are correct, but I think he’s having a mental breakdown over the fact that I used “there” when I should have put “their”. High school dropouts from poor one horse towns might occasionally make spelling errors, my most sincere apologies.

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@seazen_ Perhaps @syzygy2600 is as partisan in this dispute as you are. Of course, babies and children massacred mean something. They mean a great deal. But Palestinians murdered and pushed off their land and seeing homes that have been in their families for generations bulldozed matter just as much as Israelis having such things happen to them.

When, in their guilt over ignoring the holocaust, the European powers partitioned off a new homeland for the Jewish people, they made a terrible mistake. The European powers had a longstanding view that the world was basically theirs to divide up as they saw fit and indigenous people who weren’t great industrialized powers were not really humans and had no inherent human rights. If, instead of just partitioning off the land, they had engaged all parties in negotiations and established an acceptable homeland for the Palestinian people at that time, none of this horror would be going on today.

At this juncture, that is not possible. but the tactic of bulldozing houses and continually grabbing land is only going to lead to more and more tragedies like the one you related. Certainly the murders are to blame, but so is the Israeli policy that left them feeling that they had no other option than violence. But hard nosed “Im perfect and they are shit-heads” rhetoric works so well in right-wing circles, and the right has great sway in Israel today. This will get much worse before cooler heads prevail and fix the mess you are making.

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Of course, it’s the Israelis’ fault. Gotta be. [ rolls eyes ]

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